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    User automatically banned from my room, could not unban.

    Hello, My user and Moderator Evablack_ was banned from my room without a reason. I have no regionblock, she is not on the silenced or banned list, i had one "hidden ban" that i deleted" in the room it only said "user left the room" and not "user was banned by,..." How could i give her access...
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    Account banned without reason

    Sure i understand that, i don't need informations about it. It is only to know that someone might answer her, or maybe have a contact to write to in spanish because she didn't hear anythingfrom the support so far.
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    Account banned without reason

    Hello, It appears the account "evablack_" was banned without reason. The model asked me to contact you on her behalf as english is not her first language and she is worried that the support didn't understand her, because she has not received a reply. I am her room moderator for over a year...