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    No reaction to multiple applications - what is going wrong here?

    Hello all, after reading the posts in this forum for some months, me and my friend Maria would like switch from working on Chaturbate to MyFreeCams, since both the community and also the site representatives seems to be way more friendlier at MyFreeCams.... => However - after sending in...
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    Account suspended - some visitors had the false impression "performer is underage" while Chaturbate has the proof, that she is NOT!

    @punker barbie - we need your support here! ticket 18752139 We just received an email from the Chaturbate support, that our account has been suspended! Obviously some visitors had the impression, that the female performer (her name is Marlyn) is underage. Chaturbate also wrote in their mail...
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    @Punker Barbie - can you please ban my account?

    Hello Punker Barbie, (account "bella_babi15", ticket 18601583.) Well, my account is already banned - I have uploaded two sets of age verification photos, which have been rejected (obviously that is enough to get banned ???) But I learned, that there are two variations of the "ban state" -...
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    Account banned due to asking how to avoid a ban?

    Hello all - I need some help with my account (@punker barbie).. Impacted account: "Bella_Babis15", ticket 18508702. When I started with Chaturbate about 10 months ago, it was no problem to create accounts for me and my friends and to pass the age verification procedure - although it nearly...
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    Using Chaturbates "Guest mechanism" leads to ban? @punker barbie)

    Hello all, Hello @punker barbie) - one more post for the category "account banned and support ignores all emails" :( Account: "LatinGirls66", Ticket: 17736962, no reply from support since 2021-06-24 In our last broadcast with our account "LatinGirls66" we had 2 additional performers appearing...
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    Age verification: "already age-verified" when trying to create personal accounts

    Hi all, Hi Punker Barbie, I have problems with the Chaturbate age-verification and require additional help... so @punker barbie: I hope you can help me here :) (I apologize for my typos- english is not my first language) Issue: I created two new Chaturbate accounts for me and my partner...