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  1. elegion

    My account was banned i need help

    if they don't want to unblock you, ask for a refund so you don't lose the money and go to stripchat and if it's frustrating that they don't even answer support to give you an explanation
  2. elegion

    Account banned chaturbate

    of so many banned accounts including mine should users call the page as chaturbanned lol
  3. elegion

    Laemperatrix Webcam Model Fraud

    This model is not new, what she does is sell packs of videos and photos outside the stripchat page, she does not show anything, she only negotiates with users to buy her packs through the paid market, paying her cbu, it is not the first time she has done it. For a long time and from what I saw...
  4. elegion

    refund of my money

    hi @punker barbie I need the refund of the 200 tokens of my account elegion that was permanently banned I make this post because they do not respond support I sent with another email in another account without tokens to request the refund and they told me to send support of the email of the...
  5. elegion

    This person used my documentation to damage my image on chaturbate and cause my ban. HELP ME!!

    I am from Argentina I wanted to be a model they banned me and they unbanned me and the second time they banned me it was for a simple advice to the staff I do not understand why if I did not do anything wrong I am still waiting for the refund even if it is but they do not respond support
  6. elegion


    I have also been banned for no reason is more I was banned for no reason in many Colombian model rooms and the truth is that nothing can be done, just ask for a refund of your earned money and forget about chaturbate Another thing that may be is that you have banned a user and he has reported...
  7. elegion

    who are the top earners on chaturbate?

    kloelamaravilla18 has been for 4 years in the page bro
  8. elegion

    two accounts banned

    I need my money back so this is a robbery
  9. elegion

    two accounts banned

    Hello, a few months ago they banned my chaturbate account, the username was elegion I chose the problem was that I sent the edited identity verification photos after a few days I asked for the removal I promised that I would never again send more photos of identity verification and They knocked...