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  1. Amberlie_

    How to use curser & go full screen on Steam games?

    Using steam for the first time and i've tried a couple of games which im using right from the steam browser/ program/ thingy. The problem is my curser becomes 'stuck' inside a very small window of space and I can't move it outside of the box space it is stuck in to open the window to full...
  2. Amberlie_

    Phone number to contact MFC?

    MFC have totally messed up my last 2 payments and sent them to some other random person!!!! I thought it was payoneer messing up but it wasn't! I keep emailing mfc but now i need to talk to them in person ASAP. Does anyone know a UK phone number (or a US one) I can call please?
  3. Amberlie_

    Total noob, what should I get?

    Next week I get my super duper new i7 laptop with 970m graphics card. I've never really been a gamer although i used to play an online MMO called Howrse and years before that I enjoyed the Sims. Any suggestions for good games? I don't like shooters or ones where you walk around seemingly...
  4. Amberlie_

    Possibilities overwhelming!

    Ok so ive been back on mfc for a week and really enjoyed it. Ive made most of my money from privates and skypes which to be honest is where im most at home having been a camgirl on private based sites fir 5 years now. But i wanted to stretch myself a bit and try something new, which is why i...
  5. Amberlie_

    Best i7 laptop for cam & editing?

    Any techies in here? Im looking for a beast of a laptoo that can cope with video editing as well as camming and will see me through at least 3 years of camsite requirement upgrades. Ive been looking at the MSI GS60 Ghost Pro but heard it can get very loud when hot (not ideal when camming), the...
  6. Amberlie_

    My new profile?

    Hwllo lovdly ladies. I'm returning after a few months away and plan to start being on MFC more often. When i started i was managing around 2000 tokens per hour but since i've been back from my break it's down to 700 - 1000. I decided to clean up my profile a bit and try to make a decent sounding...