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  1. JessaBella

    Tinder for camming

    FetLife... I get so many requests to cam with me... I have a bf and only use the site to promote...
  2. JessaBella

    Women visiting cam sites?

    I have tipped models and watched their shows... I am friendly and respectful, I dont mention being a woman... I dont care what gender someone is as long as they are respectful and pay if they want a show to see things.
  3. JessaBella

    Someone is recording the GoldShows live and uploading it to a page

    I know most of one cam models Gold shows are on pornhub... I dont believe she uploaded them... I am not sure if she is active anymore...
  4. JessaBella

    Saying if single or not?

    I am honest... right now I am in a relationship. but no matter what I say I always get asked to meet up (to fuck). My answer is always no. this isn't a dating/hook up site.
  5. JessaBella

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    I have been doing my taxes on simple tax/Wealth simple for years, they make it very easy to do it on your own... (you just need to do a little research, but the system helps you a lot too) I am in Canada
  6. JessaBella

    Adding Lush (original) when you stream

    omg nvm I figured it out...
  7. JessaBella

    Adding Lush (original) when you stream

    I still have the first lush (the only one I bought) it still works... but is it still compatible to work on Chaturbate? Do you still have to download that extension? and how would it work to connect with their apps for streaming.? it's been a while since I used a tip toy on there...
  8. JessaBella

    Converting to Exclusive (or Private) Show

    I get more attention when playing 80s hair bands in the back ground. I also made pvt more expensive then exclusive so I don't have those guys who are popping in to get a free show for under 30secs.... but you are doing what you are suppose too. sometimes they will come back and get a show. I...
  9. JessaBella

    Back Payment?

    I just checked my Payment history... as I havent been able to stream much but knew I made some tips last week when I was on... I noticed some negative void cheques... then I noticed a cheque that had some payment dates from 2019... so I should be getting a cheque in the coming weeks... which...
  10. JessaBella

    What did you say your job title is to your current landlord?

    Self employed. video editing...
  11. JessaBella

    How long do you prepare for steaming each time ?

    depends.... sometimes I shower and do my makeup. others I just hope on... 3mins - 40 mins
  12. JessaBella

    Reasons to why you might block certain viewers

    Only talking in chat, refuses to pay for anything (and telling me to get new work/ Because your kink isnt sexual.) freeloading being rude not at least saying hello or tipping after I acknowledge them with talk and/or type twice each. (I kick out for this first offence, third offense is a...
  13. JessaBella

    How long do you prepare for steaming each time ?

    10mins - an hr depends how lazy I feel...
  14. JessaBella

    Bed, desk, or floor?

    My set up right now is sitting on my bed, with my laptop on a step stool... so I can put my camera at different angles. I find this most comfortable... back in the day I changed it up. but I like this best...
  15. JessaBella

    Thinking of returning after over a year

    I recently came back after a long hiatus... I agree stick to a schedule. and stay consistent!
  16. JessaBella

    Things you believed as a child that are wrong

    When I was a kind I thought everyone kinda struggled. I didn't understand people around me were wealthy, had lake houses, many fancy cars. (I grow up in a middle-class neighborhood.)
  17. JessaBella

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    "rasing dion" but its a very triggering show if you are a widow
  18. JessaBella

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    Weird It's looking like I can... But I am to afraid to try it.
  19. JessaBella

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    Oh I didn't know about that.
  20. JessaBella

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    you go into the rates and shows section on the first page after logging into streamate models (its bottom right) and it gives you the option to price premium and exclusive.