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  1. _mika_

    Scammer impersonating me with a fake Skype account

    I don't know about you, but if I weren't a sex worker I wouldn't be condescending towards them about how to do their job. This thread is literally in the Ask-A-Model! section. Also, did you read what I said fully? Cause it seems like you stopped after one sentence and conveniently ignored a...
  2. _mika_

    Scammer impersonating me with a fake Skype account

    Bro, most of us use multiple sites and have more important things to put in our bios/pinned posts than listing all of them as warnings for people who might get scammed by someone else. Also, what site would we be able to even put that info on? Because on sites where I'm actually selling I...
  3. _mika_

    Biggest Frustration With Online Sexwork

    Basically, this: And everything that lead to it, came out of it and will come out of it in the future. FOSTA/SESTA, censorship, banking discrimination SWers are facing, how we can never feel safe and secure on any platform. It's hard to build a business when you can get deleted from any site at...
  4. _mika_

    Dealing with commands?

    These days I mostly avoid browsing camsites to look what other models are doing, but whenever I did as soon as I would see a model's pet in a thumbnail I would always join the room! I even have a friend with whom we would send each other a link as soon as one of us notices a cat in a model's...
  5. _mika_

    Dealing with commands?

    Take me private! I will bring my cats and just sit clothed with them in my lap and talk to you about how amazing they are while petting them. Sounds good? xD Sadly, I don't believe that is what members actually have in mind when asking me to "do what feels good" so I just masturbate, but with...
  6. _mika_

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    It's quick, but it's not instant. There was a thread from someone here recently about having problems with approving another model on their account and cutting it very close to planned stream time. Adding a guest account by just typing already approved model's username in the right field and...
  7. _mika_

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    A way to add another verified and active Stripchat model as a guest to your model account instead of verifying then from scratch would be great. Maybe with guest models having to approve every guest add from their side? It would be useful for streaming together with other models and selling...
  8. _mika_

    Does a username make any difference?

    Every one with "daddy" in it makes me roll my eyes and I always use the remaining part of the name when talking to them, even if it's just bunch of random letters or numbers. No way I'm gonna call you "daddy" for free (99% of "daddies" are freeloaders or act like their 1 tk tips are actually...
  9. _mika_

    New survey of cam site users, soliciting responses on CB

    I thought exactly the same thing when reading this. Also what is "physically attractive and healthy appearance?" I get physically attractive (for someone) but healthy? And putting these 2 together like they can't exist without each other? "Fallen in love or become emotionally attached to a...
  10. _mika_

    Looking For Member Opinions On Custom Room Functions

    So, not a member, but honestly reading that made me look up your CB profile and add you to my followed list hoping I'll catch your show at some point. I'm also a bit jealous of both your creativity and skills. 😉 I'm a sucker for risking it all to try and win bigger in games, so I would totally...
  11. _mika_

    representative Studio representative boosted affiliate program traffic

    I'm sure that's a complete coincidence that accounts @Julia777julia and @tolerancetolerance posted almost at the same time about the same issue, but as different parties in said issue. Same that @tolerancetolerance's story keeps changing from her her ban being cause by her sister, because...
  12. _mika_

    Studio late paying models

    TBH if I were in serious financial predicament, not getting paid on time at my job, not able to afford a phone and received flowers from a friend who knew my situation I would just get livid. I can't eat flowers, can't pay my bills with them. They can be nice when I have other things, but when...
  13. _mika_

    Should I or shouldn't I

    Because when sex workers are unhappy that's always their job and they should quit it, right? "Mental health is more important!" yeah, you know what is universally not good, one of the worst possible things for a person's mental health? Not being able to avoid food and shelter. So even if she...
  14. _mika_

    Mods (moderators) and knights, what do you gain from what you do?

    I believe that new models especially shouldn't appoint mods and just learn to moderate chat by themselves (and do enough research before starting to know how to operate the basic tools). New models don't have long time regulars they could know as trustworthy enough and they often didn't develop...
  15. _mika_

    Top 100 -- 3-Hour Contests and Monthly Contest

    Still, the models that place high in them are already making a bank. I'm not saying $1000 isn't a substantial bonus even for them, but I always found it weird to give even more money as a reward for making a lot of money? Why not find a way to include lower placing models for whom even that $20...
  16. _mika_

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    Thanks for that swift response! You eased my anxiety for sure. I'm good with setting my boundaries and being fair. If someone doesn't respect me they don't get access to me - that's quite fair imo and doesn't require me to individually message everyone who doesn't understand basic rules of...
  17. _mika_

    Nude in public chat?

    Are you a model? Even if you were one saying things like "it's 100% always best to..." would come off as condescending and most of the time factually incorrect, since different people have different hustles, preferences, boundaries and priorities, but coming from someone who's not a model? Oof...
  18. _mika_

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    Why do models only have an option to ban and report and not just ban without reporting? Or is there a way to turn it off but I didn't find it? I feel like it's supposed to make me nervous about "banning too much" (not really a thing to me, but it clearly is a thing to SC considering how long it...
  19. _mika_

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    Some of us are multilingual and can understand messages in multiple languages better than famously un-reliable auto-translations. I REALLY don't want things to auto-translate without me enabling it, it's one of the most annoying features that can exist on a site.
  20. _mika_

    Gay Male with Fat and Chubby body. Chaturbate.

    That is simply not true. I'm glad you were so lucky and didn't receive any negative comments about your body, but there's a lot of sad, disgusting human beings who go around saying negative (at least according to them) things about models bodies to them. Obviously they are not worth a second...