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  1. KingMarti

    Looking For Member Opinions On Custom Room Functions

    I worked out I can pull the tip and chat data out of chaturbate (stripchat coming soon and other sites after that). Being able to get the tip and chat data out of the site ment I could have it trigger custom scripts that do various things, like change the scene in obs (things like tip to change...
  2. KingMarti

    PM from main chat box.

    Does anyone know if you can send pm's from the main chatbox? Cant remember if this was a thing on cb. Also do pm's work on mobile yet?
  3. KingMarti

    Links in chat

    Does chaturbate now not allow anyone to post links? On my grey account it seems that all the messages with .com in them dont get posted, they show for the grey account but dont acctually make it into the chat feed for anyone else. Anyone know if this is a thing that affects all accounts, just...
  4. KingMarti

    What are you reading / listening to now?

    Noticed we have threads for games and movies / tv people are currently enjoying but not one for books. So what are you currently reading (or in the case of audio books, listening too). Right now I am about 1/2 way through The Dresden files storm front, I have listened to the first 3 audio...
  5. KingMarti

    Lovense VIdeo Feedback Multiple sites

    Does anyone know if the video feedback plugin works with multiple sites yet? Since I am on 3 sites I never turned it on because it was only able to pull data from 1 site last time I checked. Now I have a new lovense on the way after not using one for like a year I want to use the video...
  6. KingMarti

    Changing up my cam shows, opinions wanted.

    Been planning on changing up my cam streams, I wanted to do something that's a more interactive (and hopefully fun for everyone in the chat). Not everyone has tokens to spend every day so some days are going to be slower than others, currently when there's no one tipping there's not much of...
  7. KingMarti

    possible phishing email

    @punker barbie I have just received an email from saying that my account was suspended with a link to verify the account. (I can dm you the link if required). can you confirm that is a chaturbate owned domain? since all other...
  8. KingMarti

    Room Settings not loading

    Hey @punker barbie My room got suspended when I was testing settings in a pass worded room as there was a rv in the back ground, I agreed to the message and now the settings for my page will not load to allow me to remove the password. Cookies and cache have been cleard, multiple browsers and...
  9. KingMarti

    Chaturbate Network Issues

    Hi @punker barbie Recently I have been unable to stream to chaturbate as my bitrate after a few seconds drops to 0 resulting in anywhere from 6-60% dropped frames. The connection my end is fine and seems to be an issue on chaturbates side as I have tested streaming to other platforms with the...
  10. KingMarti

    MFC Blank Profile CSS Template.

    So I decided I am going to go ahead and soon I will be offering profile and graphics services. Until then I have just uploaded a css file to my new github that will clear all the MFC profile data and give you a blank page to start from. You just need to copy and paste the css into the css...
  11. KingMarti

    Phishing warning

    So a member came in my room, tipped 1 token with the message "Hello. Why is this girl complaining about you... [URL redacted] Do you know her" the domain looks like a chatrurbate domain, chaturbate.[non chaturbate domain extension] Member account: aleja_gomez They proberly have other...