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  1. RebeccaT

    Non-sexual cam girl site for chat?

    I have been seriously considering a return to MFC using this but obviously not now. I never saw MFC really promoting it. It honestly seemed like the perfect solution to chilling without killing cam score. Ah well, I guess I missed the boat!
  2. RebeccaT

    What is going on with First Choice?

    Well that's a bugger for me as I use FirstChoice for all my payment options. Will I still be charged the monthly maintenance fee once I no longer recieve funds? UK ladies, what are our alternatives?
  3. RebeccaT

    MFC's new Non Nude site - Cammunity (now CamYou)

    Are there any updates on this, please?
  4. RebeccaT

    MFC's new Non Nude site - Cammunity (now CamYou)

    I've not been around for a while so have only just heard about this. I'm going to take a look :)
  5. RebeccaT

    iPhone/Android Camera Shutter Remotes

    Now you've got me wondering. I can't remember having a problem but as I haven't snapped for a long time I shall test it.
  6. RebeccaT

    iPhone/Android Camera Shutter Remotes

    I find it great for video, I don't have to hold the stick, so long as I can reach to press the button! The one I have can be extended a long way. If I didn't already have too many little gadgets and gizmos (lord knows where though!) I would have chosen a blu tooth one.
  7. RebeccaT

    iPhone/Android Camera Shutter Remotes

    I knew I'd lose a blue tooth one so I bought this one. It's brilliant.
  8. RebeccaT

    Why doesn't MFC ......

    I still see the MFC pop up ad and video showing how never to pay for free live sex shows again.
  9. RebeccaT

    I am looking for this girl

    Your tip stats will tell her name.
  10. RebeccaT

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    That spelling alone is enough to get a ban in my room.
  11. RebeccaT

    Tax related question

    Good point, but HMRC have the power to do so should they wish, although I think it would need to be in a case concerning millions of pounds! However, they will have access to all payment methods used, so unless you leave your tokens sitting in your CB or MFC account then they will know. Also...
  12. RebeccaT

    How old is too old for caming?

    Incidentally, I meant camming gets better every year. I'm not sure sex does beyond forty-ish, although it certainly doesn't get worse. It just stays great!
  13. RebeccaT

    No more cheques?!?

    I'm in the UK and have used Payoneer for over five years and never had a problem.
  14. RebeccaT

    Tax related question

    Should you ever be audited and HMRC wish to investigate further, they will have access to your CB account, MFC account, Tesco Club Card, Bank accounts, Boots Advantage Card...absolutely everything.
  15. RebeccaT

    How old is too old for caming?

    I'm 55 now and have no intention to retire. It gets better every year.
  16. RebeccaT

    camgirls: what do you plan to do after your camming days are over?

    I'm 55 now and have no plan to stop. I no longer cam on camsites but being independent is fantastic.
  17. RebeccaT

    Help new cam lady

    46? You are a mere babe in arms :)
  18. RebeccaT

    I'm either brave or a fool - Started a Cam Site

    I'm only 5' 1" but with nothing to reference me with on cam I don't look short and my proportions are such that I have long legs.
  19. RebeccaT - new Chaturbate site ?

    If they ensure adherence to the rules then this site will be compliant with age verification laws so will not be blocked in the UK or other countries and states which require such. Thus, CB will still have a presence. AdultWork has the same rules and does very well...CB could take some of their...
  20. RebeccaT

    IndieBill - 85% revshare, chargeback protection & automatic content delivery

    Hmmm...there are posts about Payoneer no longer taking private loads. We all got miffed about it. It still crops up in other threads. Someone enlighten me here, please.