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  1. RebeccaT

    Queen's speech includes porn age verification in the UK.

    The inclusion of this intention makes it pretty much confirmed. I have no problem with this as it goes some way to halting under age viewers...of course there are ways round it but it's a start and a deterrent to some. As sites such as MFC and CB allow full shows in free public chat they will...
  2. RebeccaT

    Old/New model triumph

    I've been watching a very experienced model who has just opened a new second account. It's an absolute delight seeing her tear down the idiots trying to take advantage of the new girl :)
  3. RebeccaT

    Utah declares porn a public health hazard?! Strangely, there are more porn sites registered in Utah than any other city in the world.
  4. RebeccaT

    Am I misunderstanding the freeloader issue?

    I'm seeing a lot of tweets, blogs etc lately complaining about freeloaders...far, far more than usual. If a model does a show in free chat there will be viewers watching for free. I don't understand why the models who don't like this blame the non-payers instead of doing only group or private...
  5. RebeccaT

    Is Alexa reliable?

    This site takes stats from Alexa. Is Alexa reliable? The results seem crazy but could be down to a couple of bizarre months. It may be interesting to see how it develops. EDIT: Thinking about it, this whole site isn't great (and I knew that) so...
  6. RebeccaT

    Offline thoughts

    A regular told me today that he was reading Tweets by a model who was complaining she had received no offline tips while she was working at her non-camming job. She wasn't offering anything in return, no videos etc, she wanted the offline love "just because" He wondered if she expected her...
  7. RebeccaT

    Help for trolls

    This made me laugh and is still making me laugh
  8. RebeccaT

    Pesky Twitter Bots?

    Over the last few days I have gained Twitter followers all with the same montage style header, user names made up of random letters and feeds full of links. Is anyone else getting a sudden influx of these?
  9. RebeccaT

    My name is Bob

    I was reading this forum last night while my husband watched Heroes on Netflix. One of the characters said: "My name is Bob" It made me laugh in a totally disproportionate way :-D
  10. RebeccaT

    Not afraid to admit I've changed my mind

    Well, I've changed my mind and I'm not afraid to admit it! The UK ISPs default to block porn has been in the news constantly for about a year and after a conversation I had yesterday I realise this is demonising porn to the extent that young people who stumble across it (those pop-ups and...
  11. RebeccaT

    Opting in to allow porn

    Many people are complaining that in the UK Sky, Talk Talk and BT have now blocked porn. (UK media is going crazy over it!) They haven't blocked it. They have simply made this the default setting as will all ISPs by the end of the year. You can OPT IN to view porn. You can even schedule when to...
  12. RebeccaT

    New interactive sex toy What do you all think of this?
  13. RebeccaT

    New UK Regulations on Porn Sites, ATVOD & what it means for

    There is a thread running in the public threads on that other forum about this and I was surprised there is no mention of it here. It's far too detailed a thread for me even to give you the gist of it! I don't know if it's ok to post a link here as it effects models and customers. Admin, please...
  14. RebeccaT

    Library model caught & given counselling!? ... brary.html "The section of the library where she performed sex acts on camera has since been steam cleaned." and this in the commemts made me think: "I can't help but think a male student would be stuck on some sort of register, rather than being...
  15. RebeccaT

    Skype resolution options

    The latest version of Skype automatically defaults to HD broadcasts when conditions allow. There doesn't seem to be an option within Skype to force 4:3 Any suggestions, please?
  16. RebeccaT

    I have no words..

    Woman pays for third (I want to be cruel and suggets Bongacams...) The more I look at this the more it seems a fake "fake".
  17. RebeccaT

    Craziest warning ever...rather chuffed :o)

    Ha ha! On Chaturbate today I received an "age verification" warning. I'm 53. Seriously, do I look under age? I'm rather flattered ;)
  18. RebeccaT

    Happy Birthday, mynameisbob84

    I do believe it is mynameisbob84's birthday today, so, many happy returns to you. Hope you have a great day xx
  19. RebeccaT

    I hid my camscore and...

    I hid my MFC camscore and strangely it made me stop worrying about it! I like spending time with guys in my room, chatting, laughing, teasing, being more than a countdown, cum and leave model. BIG BIG BIG mistake. My cs is now 749. Overnight it dropped 600. (Oh the days when it was nearly...
  20. RebeccaT

    130,000 tip on Chaturbate

    Way to go, girl! :) :) :) :) /