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  1. DFT

    The Orville S2

    Old topic is old. Confused myself how I went from curious to hating to liking the show in the first season. And now with the second it was watched before the DVR got cooled off. EP1 : relationships. Divorced couple, the new girl, other species, parental. Even managed to do them well while...
  2. DFT

    Netflix movie CAM

    So I'm looking at Drudge to see who's overreacting to what election and see a link to this a couple days back... CAM The Former Sex Worker Taking Hollywood by Storm Interesting take, a horror based on camming, from someone who did it. Did I miss this? Anyway heard it from Matt first, now if...
  3. DFT

    Fall TV 2018

    What are you looking forward to? Caught two pilots - "Manifest" and "A Million Little Things" Spoilers "Manifest" I so wanted to be a straight sci-fi, but went paranormal. I'll watch a few. "Fringe" started bad paranormal and turned into something incredible. "A Million Little Things" -...
  4. DFT

    Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri

    Instead of watch the Oscars I watched the movie hyped for weeks ahead. I can't fault the movie. Audio was beautiful, cinematography was beautiful, acting was top notch. Martin has a skewed view of America. Now I'm wondering if "In Bruges " was accurate either. ;-)
  5. DFT

    Tom Petty

    Add another empty chair on that train along with Roy's and George's since. :(
  6. DFT

    Memorlial Day

    A Memorial to all lost in war, with gratitude. A solemn wish for no more names to join theirs. Thank you to those who have served. Thank you to our Wounded Warriors, and those who got home safe. Thank you that most of us have never seen what you've seen. The dead deserve their due, I...
  7. DFT

    100 years ago

    A long long time ago... In a galaxy that is our own, the United States of America entered WWI. I'm old, increasingly realizing it by the day. Upside of that is I had the great privilege to stand with WWI veterans in my youth. Think what you want about that war, the next and since: those...
  8. DFT

    Thank you to all Vets

    Let us take a moment to be glad that we are allowed to vote thanks to the sacrifice of many. Armistice Day is commemorated every year on November 11 to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western...