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  1. Joanne__

    thank you so much amber!! <3

    thank you so much amber!! <3
  2. Joanne__

    thank you so much cutie! <3

    thank you so much cutie! <3
  3. Joanne__

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    The latest craze is greys telling me my size 34G boobs are small.
  4. Joanne__


  5. Joanne__

    Post a quote that gives away the movie WITHOUT saying the title.

    'Does he look like a bitch?'
  6. Joanne__

    The Sorting Hat: What House Are You?

    Representing the Hufflepuffs :rock:
  7. Joanne__

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    I'm happy to add anyone in this thread! Mine is: 07043689356 :panda:
  8. Joanne__


  9. Joanne__

    Have you ever bought a vid from another model?

    Definitely have!
  10. Joanne__

    Whats your favorite kind of pizza?

    Cheeseless with extra mushrooms, extra sweetcorn and sometimes red onions!
  11. Joanne__

    Whats your favorite energy drink?

    I love getting my heart palpitations from the one and only Redbull.
  12. Joanne__

    Any camgirls with public snapchats?

    My free one is Joanne_Kitten :cat:
  13. Joanne__

    What are you reading right now?

    "The Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" by Caitlin Doughty. Tells gruesome stories about being a mortician, but gives it a funny twist. She's also really informative about how different cultures celebrate death.
  14. Joanne__

    What is your go to porn category ?

    A little bit of everything. Lesbian, romantic BG, or something I find really hot is gay porn *drool* the more penises the merrier!
  15. Joanne__

    FFM or MMF in a threesome?

    MMF seems the hottest scenario for me but I would love to try FFF for the hell of it :angelic:
  16. Joanne__