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    Chaturbate Support

    This isn't really a asking for help post, but more than an advice post. When contacting Support, you'll normally receive the Auto bot replying with the following: From this reply I normally give them 3 - 5 days to reply, they do normally reply within 48 hours, 4 days if they're busy or it's...
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    Payment Info

    hey all, This is really a question for @punker barbie / Team as Chaturbate Support more than likely wont know the answer lol. My bank has been doing cheques for me, but they are phasing them out. They did give a suggestion that Electronic Payment is faster & cheaper with the added bonus that...
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    When posting for help - proper format for questions

    Just some advice for those that are here to request help from @punker barbie (Shirley). It can help by formatting your post in the following way: Issue: State here what your issue is and how long it has been happening. Give as much information as you can, WITHOUT posting any private/personal...
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    UK Digital Economy Act Coming April

    For those that haven't heard and that live in the UK. UK Government are bringing in a new law this April that requires websites that provide pornography to ask their users to prove they are over the age of 18. This new law comes into effect in April of this year. If sites do not comply they...
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    Chaturbate Site Warning

    Well it actually happened for the first time in 5 years lol... I got a site warning last night for broadcasting copyright violation: playing games / movies etc I wasn't sure what the violation was as I had my webcam pointed at some random Lego model & playing copyright free music on Spotify (I...
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    Camming & Facebook

    Hi all, I know quite a few of you will already know this tip, but some will not know about it. Recently I've been hearing from some broadcasters that cam on Chaturbate that they've been contacted by a user on either Skype or Yahoo messenger and been told they've been recorded. They've also...
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    Chaturbate problems

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and wanted to ask for some advice. A friend has been trying to get verified on chaturbate and going on her webcam to get some followers going. All she has done is teasing a few times. But we don't know if its a person with no tokens or if it was a broadcaster that...