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    Here are my result of lighting setup, still cant get it right

    I looked at this for a long time and see what you mean. Your environment is a lot darker in relation to the goals you're trying to seek. They have white sheets and you're on a blue bed. You have warm lamps behind you. There are also a lot of warm lights in front of you! I love it though. It...
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    How should one make a cam girl feel better?

    You can offline tip or maybe buy her something off her wishlist on Amazon. Also, expressing to her that you understand you have your shortcomings and overstepped your boundary by touching on a subject that should have been ignored. Good luck!
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    How to Boost Traffic in Chatroom

    Keyword research is a powerful tool for these cam sites. They use Hashtags that are very effective in sorting chatrooms. Make sure you're using both heavily populated hashtags and also very quiet hashtags. Presentation is Key. You already know this. HD webcams start at around $60, so save up...
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    Face covering on cam

    I know tons of models that have had success and have kept their faces covered as part of their identity. It's definitely effective in concealing the biggest asset people want to hide. Try a masquerade mask for sexiness and mysteriousness.
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    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hi Cam Model forum. I go by Dev online. I'm just a nerdy person that has hung out on the internet more than in real life. Somehow, I managed to get real lucky and marry a beautiful person who happens to enjoy webcamming. My web development skills and business mind has led me to where I am today...