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  1. Ch4ttyCoupl3

    Camgirl podcast

    whats the podcast called? will look for it!
  2. Ch4ttyCoupl3

    How do you react to screenshots?

    Thanks people - great input. I appreciate the comments both ways. Of course I am aware that once on the internet, always on the internet.... and people are screenshotting and recording all the time. No bother - but just don’t come and tell me you are doing it, especially you are not a well...
  3. Ch4ttyCoupl3

    How do you react to screenshots?

    If he was a big tipper - I would have probably taken a bit more time to educate him about the cam model etiquette and maybe even kept him around if he sounded like he genuinely didn’t realize screenshotting is not something you should openly talk about and that it’s quite frowned upon by the...
  4. Ch4ttyCoupl3

    How do you react to screenshots?

    If a member is caught screenshotting in your room or during a private or a Skype show, how do you react and respond? I have had it where people blatantly have asked for ‘ a flash long enough for a screenshot’ For him, it was an instant telling off, followed by a kick out of the room and a...
  5. Ch4ttyCoupl3

    The Friendly Freeloader

    I have been alright with greys chatting, but have been very clear to them, Greys get attention, but no priority. I always respond to tippers and those with tokens first. And once it has happened that a grey become a tipper after chatting for a while. I don't tolerate rudeness, regardless of...
  6. Ch4ttyCoupl3

    Beginner's questions- please help a girl out!

    Hey, what a great thread! I would like to ask you guys, how long did it take you to establish yourself? L We have been doing shows every night now since end of November, so a couple of months. I also do a bit of solo cam time from work when i can to gain more followers. We are now at just...
  7. Ch4ttyCoupl3

    SM Support: New Model with Some Problems

    Its tough on CB too, very difficult to know when its a good day or not. We had a couple of really slow sundays, but the last sunday was great again. Can never tell what the day is going to bring... It sure is tough to muddle through the slow shifts!
  8. Ch4ttyCoupl3

    Reasons for visiting cam models

    Great thread! I am looking forward to meeting some of you genuine people in my room in CB! We have only just started, but the first encounters leave a lot to hope for. An awful lot of demanding and rude greys out there!
  9. Ch4ttyCoupl3

    How do you promote your web cam model page?

    This is an interesting topic that I would like to learn more about. I don’t want to be missing a trick for promoting our room!
  10. Ch4ttyCoupl3

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hey peeps! Newbie couple here! Maria (me!) is the face of the account and her partner Mr Master joins in and brings in the . Good to be here, you can find us on CB with the same username, usually broadcast at around 9pm in London time zone.