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  1. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    random thoughts.

    a place were you can post your random thoughts or anything you feel the need to spill. like for instance how your day went and why it went the way it did... or what you just think about how awful our world is becoming and how you would like to change it. etc.
  2. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    It was so funny when...

    what was the most funniest moment you have ever had? and what made it memorable?
  3. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Body Modifications

    what do you guys think of body modifications? yay or nah? an do you guys have any? i use to have my ears gauged, and my nose gauged but i took them out so they can heal. do you think the trend is lame or amazeballs?
  4. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Wet dreams.

    have you ever had one of those amazing dreams where you wake up soaking wet in your panties? or in your underwear if your a guy? i know i have had plenty of them in my life. if you have had any wet dreams please feel free to share them below :D even if they are short or long.. or whatever you...
  5. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Body Insecurities

    okay i feel this is a good general topic because i know most of us girls and guys have some what insecurities about themselves, now coming from a girl who has plenty of them, like i hate how my broad shoulders are, an i feel they aren't sexy, i have a skin tag on my ass, an i am trying to get...
  6. VenusDarkStar_MFC


    what are your fetishes? what turns you on?
  7. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    hot passionate sex.

    alright so I cant believe I am writing this. but last night I had one of the most awesomeness shower/ bedroom sex. ill tell you all about it in detail... ready here it goes. so it started out with me typing to someone on MFC and on here and he just couldn't stop touching me. he started to graze...
  8. VenusDarkStar_MFC


    how many of you girls have faked an orgasm? Because you felt bad for the guy because he is so bad in bed that you had to just do it to make him feel like he accomplished something. ill admit it i have once or twice before with an ex lover.
  9. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    faking it

    so i just started watching this show last night, its called faking it, its about 2 girls who are best friends and they act out to be lesbian for popularity and one girl ends up liking her best friend and the other girl doesn't like her in that way and she ends up pushing her best friend away...
  10. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    opposites attract

    whats your favorite thing about the opposite sex and why? and ill throw in there for the ladies who swing both ways...what is your favorite thing about the same sex?
  11. VenusDarkStar_MFC


    its amazing how many girls or guys go through the same thing. someone left me an awesome reply on my thread and I didn't think I would get any replies to be honest. An I just want to thank you for that. I guess ill come here more often and vent and spill out how I feel about the world and...
  12. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Those Long Hard Days.

    Have you ever had those long hard days where you feel, empty, lost, low, depressed, unwated? yes I have been there and I have been struggling with severe depression and I try my best to cope with it but sometimes its just so hard to deal with. I haven't done camming because of my depression, its...