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    flash is blocked!

    There's no way to save the preference by design - it is one of the last steps in the escalation process that Chrome and Firefox have been for the last two years to get everyone to migrate off of Flash before it is completely removed next year. Also, jumping to Firefox only helps temporarily -...
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    Why MyUglyCam is so popular ?

    To be fair to them, it's not an easy change (they literally have to rebuild everything under the hood from scratch). The only real criticism that is valid about this IMHO is that they took way too long to realise they need to work on improvements (HD/removing flash) and now they are working...
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    Nike's Kaepernick Support

    Let's see - 1.1 billion over 8 years is ~137 million per year, which is not that much of a loss which couldn't be covered by increase in sales elsewhere. Plus, if the NFL wants to break that contract, they will surely have a hefty penalty to pay for that... So no, I dont expect the NFL to break...
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    Scurvy making comeback in the USA

    Sadly it doesn't surprise me - when the cheapest food available is heavily processed/not nutritionally balanced, that's what we get.. And I wont be surprised if it continues increasing over time as cost of living only keeps going up and wages aren't increasing accordingly.
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    Nike's Kaepernick Support

    We already have quite a few signals; external analysts have concluded that there has been a 31% increase in sales online, shares went up, Nike got a few hundred thousand dollars worth of PR for 'free'. So, mission accomplished. As we've already seen from early data, there was a considerable...
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    APPLE USERS: How to record a broadcast?

    You can try with Quicktime which is bundled with OS X - from a quick test, it doesnt seem to interfere with MFC (but I only tested as a member)
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    Daily Thoughts

    Nah, this is totally a PR move - just look at her and Sandra's accounts, claiming that their banning was unjustified and is all because "MFC is owned by a man who is willing to exploit women", while "camversity is owned by models". They're basically betting on two things: - there are people...
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    Nood App

    Nah, sleep cams don't really help test anything that you couldn't test in cheaper ways. (I do this for my day job - we rarely use real traffic for testing and we reserve that approach as a last resort for the rare cases where it involves interactions with external systems beyond our control)...
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    Nood App

    This doesn't line up with her previous statements (for example, in and ) and tweets from other people (at some point someone was tweeting claiming to be part of the development team, said some stupid things and Chloe apologised for it). Either way - sure, the site is in beta, but a lot...
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    ManyVids now allows models to make their vids stream only

    They already have this feature (and had it for a few years) - you just have to go to the purchase history page and you can see the download and stream links for each video purchased.
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    ManyVids now allows models to make their vids stream only

    I had only a few minutes to test the 'secure streaming' before they changed it from being the only option to being optional and it took me less than 30 seconds to see that I could easily download the video anyway.. So for any models thinking this will improve security, it won't - it will just...
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    Nood App

    Chloe posted something interesting on twitter today (read the whole thread there) - . It's interesting that she is this open about financials, but also that her reaction to high costs incurred by 'sleep cams' is to still let them continue even though they are a source of high expenses with...
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    Nood App

    This is one of the big red flags I've noticed - why allow shows that have led to problem in the past on other sites like public shows? Or low-return shows like sleeping ones? You're essentially burning money on streaming it. Another one is her tweets bragging about code/infrastructure...
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    OBS available on MFC: HD Streaming!

    It's pretty much because all sessions with OBS can be about 10-20% of the time dealing with issues related to it - people complaining that they are unable to see the feed, the feed randomly resetting, etc. Most models I hang out with who tested OBS have given up for now until MFC gets it more...
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    What happens now with FOSTA?

    Probably not, because the law has not been signed yet (as far as everyone knows), so there's no way in hell that the FBI would get a warrant to seize assets in multiple countries (they've seized domains from multiple registries) with that - the more likely explanation is that the grand jury...
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    Do you believe that video game/computer game addiction is real?

    Not really - addiction has a very clear definition (and physical symptoms such as high activity in reward centres in the brain); people can be obsessed with something which isn't addictive (for example, porn*). But for gaming, yes, it can be addictive - it has all the required symptoms of other...
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    Do you have sex with condoms? Specifically with strangers or newer partners.

    That depends on the circumstances though - when I heard about this being a thing, I researched to see what is the "protocol" here in Switzerland and based on what I could find, there's three approaches: - no tests, good luck to everyone involved (based on my search results, this seems to be a...
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    Autonomous Cars

    You can't avoid construction/road blocks, but you can teach the cars to deal with the situation. That article about this issue is a bit misleading, because it only quotes one manufacturer (Nissan) giving up; meanwhile from talking with people who actually work on this issue at other companies...
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    How do I stop dwelling on the fact that I'm never able to attend AVN or other adult conventions?

    I guess I should give a different point of view, since so far the vast majority of opinions/experiences were negative. From a member's POV, it can be fun if you plan ahead and have things to do. For example, things I've done this year: - hung out at the expo with a few model friends (and got...
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    Autonomous Cars

    That statement is wrong - that data is valid for maybe 5 years ago (or further back) and it also varies a lot based on the manufacturer. For example, Waymo has done several thousand miles of unassisted driving both in cities and between cities with no disengagements, but they are the ones...