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  1. PandoraUnchained

    Change the main chaturbate outline colors

    I've noticed that some models manage to change the color of the main chaturbate logo and outline, on the upper side of the page. However I have no idea how to do this - do they use a semi transparent layer that covers that part of the page or just cover it with an identical image? Never saw any...
  2. PandoraUnchained

    Is there some good CB tracker?

    Hello I'm continuing some experiences on CB, and for the last one I need some precise post stream data. The data I need is: -Token revenue per 10 mins of stream -New followers per 10 mins of stream -Overall room position on CB main page, each 10 mins of stream I can keep track manually for...
  3. PandoraUnchained

    How do you collect feedback from your members?

    There was an interesting topic about it on another forum and I wanted to bring it here. Are you collecting feedback from your members about your show, what they like and dislike in your way of doing things? How do you do it? How much do you care about it? Obviously a single member will give...
  4. PandoraUnchained

    Chaturbate tipping mechanic

    I'm currently finishing my end year project for university about light sculpting (using light patterns emitted by a projector to animate drawings on a wall) and, in all modesty it looks way better then I suppose it would. Now i want to bring to another level - create some lighting scultping in...
  5. PandoraUnchained

    So, what apps are you using to keep contact with memebers>

    I want to created a small channel, to have my best members reunited in one place, and be able to share my schedule, some exclusive pics, collecting feedback about my shows, share referral links and doing some little talk when I'm offline. Through i don't want the app permit users to contact me...