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  1. Bella Park

    Shane Dawson's The Mind of Jake Paul

    his videos only get better. this is an eight part series right? it will be interesting.
  2. Bella Park

    Beginner question about members and tips!

    I'm sorta new to camming but when similar things happen in my room, I'll usually just add them if they ask. I assume they tip high amounts because they want something in return. If it's a high tip and theres no context, I'll usually thank them and show something. Or I'll ask what they would like...
  3. Bella Park


    I used to play OW a ton on PC. absolutely loved it. I need to get back into it when I have the time. is still op?
  4. Bella Park

    Your favorite Disney songs

    ugh definitely that's my favorite
  5. Bella Park

    Biggest Pet Peeve When You Join A Room

    no engagement with the viewers, terrible sound/loud music, bad quality. being on the phone for a while is a turn off too. Not talking with the viewers really grinds my gears though.
  6. Bella Park

    Do you find that you struggle with camming being triggering/addicting?

    I am new to camming but I am not a stranger to mental health issues. I've gone through an array of problems from anxiety to drug abuse and eating disorders. Just recently, in the past year, I have felt confident enough to show my body again after gaining 30+ pounds. I can totally see how camming...
  7. Bella Park

    I wanna come back from my hiatus, but every time I think about it I get cold feet

    Try to push yourself to start because you'll get back in the groove of things once you do.I tend to overthink how it will be when starting back up on a project and it freaks me out. Once I start, the worries are behind me. Getting someone you know or trust to be in your room might take some of...
  8. Bella Park

    xsplit alternative for mac?

    OBS works on mac. Open Broadcaster Software.
  9. Bella Park

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hey guys. I'm chester. I don't cam but I sell on ManyVids. I want to pick up more knowledge about everything and maybe cam in the future.
  10. Bella Park

    Amazon Sex Toys?

    I bought a hefty butt plug from amazon lol works well although it's not the cutest looking one.