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  1. AmberCutie

    Reddit verification

    Is that the one that they have you verify on Discord? If so I did that too but got no traction posting there hmm maybe I'll check that one out :D edit: I posted there, let's see if that works! If watermarks break rule #1 then fuck em anyway lol
  2. AmberCutie

    how to help a model to set up some interesting game

    Glad you got it worked out. Reading your original post I was very confused. Seems like those would all just trigger a charlesbot wheel, which would run automatically when that amount was tipped. Not sure about the bingo ones, though.
  3. AmberCutie

    Updated rules regarding public shows

    Maybe the finally realized it was a liability allowing it at all.
  4. AmberCutie

    Reddit verification

    I'm sad that about half of my go-to subs for posting to (in image below) have been removed (including my own g'damned subreddit lol) and I am too lazy/stubborn to verify on the bigger ones. I used to be one of the top posts of all time at /r/curvy but they won't allow me there anymore since I...
  5. AmberCutie

    Updated rules regarding public shows

    I assumed that the majority of sites had it banned as it falls into some obscenity laws or some such. When I see a site that allows it whether in live shows or video I am kind of shocked.
  6. AmberCutie

    Banned account, payment withheld

    removed emails and names, that stuff should not be posted publicly
  7. AmberCutie

    What would make camming easier?

    Sorry I missed this request earlier. It is probably for the best to move on from all things camming related so I'll delete your account here. Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors.
  8. AmberCutie

    ANOTHER CB BANNED ACCOUNT POST. Have not even streamed there for weeks?

    Just a reminder it isn't CB that's doing it, it's asshole auto-bot pirates. The major cam sites do what they can to mitigate, and then remove at request, recorded shows. It just isn't possible in some cases.
  9. AmberCutie Unofficial Support Thread

    I'm honestly a little shocked how little they seem to understand how a social forum like this one works, and that it doesn't exist to give them a platform to advertise and decide how they are portrayed. This place is for discussion, advice, and camaraderie between fellow cam models and (some...
  10. AmberCutie

    I've removed your avatar, please do not include genitals

    I've removed your avatar, please do not include genitals
  11. AmberCutie

    What is going on with SM?

    Maybe you haven't caught up with the poster's other many threads, I think honestly it's better to quit the game at this point.
  12. AmberCutie

    What is going on with SM?

    Awwww, that sounds like a great idea!
  13. AmberCutie

    What is going on with SM?

    Per your other thread, I would certainly say it's time for you to call it quits with camming. It is clearly having a really bad affect on you, don't want it driving you to mental or health problems.
  14. AmberCutie

    [POLL] What important feature are you currently missing that would improve your next stream?

    Maybe you talked to one of the randoms in support that doesn't know for sure, and they just answered on a whim. It's always better to be safe than sorry, ESPECIALLY with Chaturbate since they are INCREDIBLY ban happy. I don't like the tone from you as a user vs. an established model who...
  15. AmberCutie

    Friendship between a model and a member

    The catch is: were you befriending them online under a secret identity, or your real self?
  16. AmberCutie

    Friendship between a model and a member

    Yes, "Online friends" are most definitely different from IRL friends. I assume you didn't get something different from what I said, and you are simply trying to emphasize against something more nefarious that the OP or others brought up. (Since you posted directly after me I am concerned...
  17. AmberCutie

    Friendship between a model and a member

    I've definitely got a few members who have turned into what I call "online friends". This means that they are only interacted with online*, and within the boundaries of my online cam persona. And as soon as they stop respecting that boundary I can cut them off with the click of a button. So...
  18. AmberCutie

    Unable to send tip error, and no support feedback for days :(

    New users' posts sit in a moderation queue for my approval before they are visible to anyone.
  19. AmberCutie

    Daily Thoughts

    Ooof, one of the worst pinched nerves I've ever had was FROM a chiropractor trying to alleviate lower back pain (due to bulging discs). I'd never recommend a chiro. Medical Massage maybe.
  20. AmberCutie

    Heartbreak and lesson learned. Need to stop it happening again.

    Hmmm... while I do not think he should doxx her "real" name (if it really is), I don't think reporting it to CB as a hardcore scammer is wrong. Sure, OP missed a lot of common red flags for love cons, but I don't think CB would really condone that level of scamming, and their platform being used...