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  1. KimmiReign

    Suspended Account For No Reason

    Honestly this is my last resort and last time trying. I may have to accept my defeat and move on with life. So In April 2021 I started camming with Stripchat. I loved it. And my first 3 days I was doing really well, made great money, and made regulars! I logged on my 4th day to try to stream and...
  2. KimmiReign

    New Ebony Cam Model On Chaturbate

    So I’ve been avoiding Camming for Chaturbate because I tried them for a week and couldn’t get any traffic in my chat unlike other camming sites. Ive decided to give the site another chance and I am struggling. I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen any ebony models on the front pages and every time I...
  3. KimmiReign

    Stripchat account suspended.

    My account got permanently suspended in April! When I say I have reached out on every platform. I still haven’t been helped. They took all my money that I worked for too for something that I have never done. 😔 I love the site and it was only my first week on there.
  4. KimmiReign

    Account suspended

    Hi! I’ve had this exact same thing happen in April. I’ve tried reaching out to support and even Stripchat social media accounts. It took days for customers service to get back to me and they said that I’ve broken a rule that I never did! I still have tokens that wasn’t released. This entire...