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    Banned for no reason

    I got banned for what I found out is that they thought I was going to self harm myself. Even tho a girl asked me a question and I told her the truth. Then CB support reached out to me to let me know that the email I used to make account is not the one that I sent a email to chaturbate support. I...
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    Banned for no reason just after buying tokens

    Bro they banned a lot of people on Tuesday I got banned too and I was a big supporter for a model I was saving for her dream tip but have not heard back to get my account unbanned I am hoping I get it back soon. I just don’t know what email I used for that account
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    My account is banned

    Can anyone help me please
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    My account is banned

    @punker barbie please help me I got banned yesterday and I do know know why. My friend had the same thing happen yesterday. We are both big supporters and I have messaged support and only got that auto reply please help me get my account back as well as his account. My account is Heysweethang...