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  1. Cox Deep

    Hoping I could find another cam model dealing with herpes

    Hey everyone. even though this is tough for me I would rather give it a go then not try at all. I’ve been camming for a few months now and I really like it. I really fancy the idea of a partner, ya know. Who doesn’t I guess. I have herpes though and this makes it a little tough. But I’d rather...
  2. Cox Deep

    Chaturbate terms and conditions questions

    Hey everyone, quick 2 questions. Are you allowed to wear name brand clothing on camera? Also if a model were to make music, is it okay to let their fans know they are on chaturbate? I know you cannot let chaturbate fans know you make music and on what platform; but what about the...
  3. Cox Deep

    Is your account banned? Need help?

    Is your Chaturbate Account banned? Are you having a hard time getting in touch with anyone? Or even worse, getting a response? Well I have your 100% solution guaranteed. You see, it all started yesterday, I had been banned for broadcasting outside. I totally understood why I was banned...
  4. Cox Deep

    Account banned for going outside

    Hey @punker barbie , my account was banned today because I went outside. I am foolish for this and now understand why I was wrong for this. I was just trying to do something different but now I realize I was naive. Luckily no one was captured in on my cam. I been looking on Google for help and I...