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  1. Lizzy_Beth

    TikTok Help

    Okay, I didn’t know where I should post this so I’m just putting it here. @AmberCutie to make one of those dance clips on TikTok, go to the video with the audio you want to use and click on the little spinning record button in the bottom right corner: Then click “use this sound.” And then you...
  2. Lizzy_Beth

    MFC is Broken Party!

    I spent about an hour making changes to my profile and getting my room ready and then the site stoped working as soon as I tried to go live because there was to much traffic. I guess everyone’s rushing on because it’s the last day of the pay period. 🤷‍♀️ But on the bright side I finished one...
  3. Lizzy_Beth

    A Bad Day On Cam

    So I just had my second stream ever and I made absolutely no tokens plus only one person talked to me. (I was fully aware that this absolutely would happen at some point - and absolutely will happen again in the future - but it’s still really disappointing.) I’m going to watch YouTube videos...
  4. Lizzy_Beth

    Recording with OBS

    Hello. This isn’t a MFC specific question, but I start streaming there on Friday and wanted to know if anyone knew of a good tutorial for how to record your shows using OBS. I want to be able to make clips of stuff from the stream, but I’m kind of lost with this stuff.