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  1. MallorieReese

    Liberator Esse vs New Bed

    I think it might be a good investment, especially since you mentioned it is not a large bedroom. It is waaaaaay cheaper than a normal bed and it looks like it could go a long way when it comes to repurposing it. :D I would deffo go for it if I would be u!
  2. MallorieReese

    I should have listened to everyone's advice

    I am so sorry to hear that. Anybody would feel hurt in your situation, because saying that the sudden block is weird would be an understatement. As you said, cam websites do not function like your traditional dating service, but if you are looking for a girlfriend/girl next door type of vibe...
  3. MallorieReese

    Professional Porn Playing in the Background

    Lol, this is the first time I hear about this type of situation. If she is working in a studio as well, idk, their support usually doesn't allow this.
  4. MallorieReese

    Need suggestions on dildos

    This is the one that I use for BJs, and it is pretty realistic both lookwise and touchwise . Hope it helps!
  5. MallorieReese

    Do you put this on your resume?

    Getting a degree is a good plan B, so I would personally choose that. I am afraid that most companies will look down on you if you put that on your CV, so it isn't a great idea... I would suggest finding a part-time job that will help your resume out.
  6. MallorieReese

    How much should I charge to use his name in a custom video?

    I guess there are two types of content selling you can do. I call them basic and costume. The basic category is pretty self-explanatory - here I sell videos with 5-20$ each, depending on the length. When it comes to personalised videos, it can go from 50$ for riding a dildo to hundreds of...
  7. MallorieReese

    Fake typing/pretend to chat

    Yep, this is what is actually happening.
  8. MallorieReese


    I don't think it is bound to happen anytime soon. The global marketplace is way way way too interlinked for a massive war to breal out without people losing money. USA's dependence on China and China's income from the USA are too strong to start a war. I mean don't get me wrong the west will...
  9. MallorieReese

    Advice regarding contact with a model

    I am very sceptical when it comes to models working with a studio. The studio controls his whole online activity, so I don't get how he was able to get away with giving his personal social media accounts. If I would be in your shoes, I would take everything - from what he says to the way he...
  10. MallorieReese

    Coming back after a hiatus?

    Try to keep up a consistent schedule so members will know when to find you online. Also, do not discourage yourself if there are days when the traffic is bad! There are always going to be time periods when the traffic is going to be similar to a graveyard.
  11. MallorieReese

    Length of private shows

    I think it really depends on the site. For example, I work on a privates-based platform so members rarely tip in free chat, which makes my income rely solely on privates. That's why I don't accept privates that are under 10 minutes. An ideal time for a private (at least from my point of view) is...
  12. MallorieReese

    Regarding possibility cam studio that over exploiting their models

    If she caught your interest, why not put your time and energy and time into tipping her instead of writing this semi-useless post? I don't want to be mean but it seems like you spend a lot of time in her room since you've observed and assumed so many things.
  13. MallorieReese

    Ask for advice

    Post quality content (avoid full nudity because if you put everything you got on the table of a free social media platform, nobody is going to check out your OF) 5 days/week. Be active, but not spammy. When I say quality content I mean good photos, but also make use of the tools that Twitter...
  14. MallorieReese

    The Models on this forum are different than the ones I know

    Yeah, you are a spoiled ass user... by her studio team (marketing, support, etc). Good job, keep it up! It is beyond unrealistic to expect a model to chat to you non-stop when she is streaming, when she is partying or going shopping. Spoiler, the footage she sends you can date from weeks back...
  15. MallorieReese

    Show Ideas

    ASMR, shower show (try and stream from the shower), dirty talking :D
  16. MallorieReese

    How do you get fans and a following?

    Keeping a good schedule, cam 5 days/week for 7-8, depending on how much free time you got on your hand. Unpopular opinion - Twitter helped me a lot. I got a lot of members from social media by posting on a daily basis and doing way too much outreach.
  17. MallorieReese

    CB account banned, no reason given

    Don't even bother with CB anymore. Try and go for Stripchat. I know it's frustrating to start again from 0, but that is how CB is these days... their support is horrible and once they ban your account, they don't care about you anymore.
  18. MallorieReese

    International student in UK wants to be a cam girl secretly

    If I were, I would rather not do it. Especially since the UK officially left the EU, they are being more cautious when it comes to immigrants and stuff like that. To work legally, she needs a pre-settled or settled status because she HAS to declare her income - it's not an option, but rather a...
  19. MallorieReese

    Is this girl psycic?

    Lol, no, don't worry, it's a pure coincidence.
  20. MallorieReese

    Depressive members

    Your job as a cam girl doesn't imply being a counsellor or therapist. They could really be depressed, but take everything with a pinch of salt - there are people out there who say use depression as a way of receiving attention. Give them a piece of advice and firmly tell them to seek...