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  1. Sansa

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Ignore fetish is definitely a thing! The ones who will do long privates with 100% ignore like that are fairly rare, but it's definitely something that happens every now and then.
  2. Sansa

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Wow what an ass. Camscore can fluctuate in weird ways regardless of what you are earning. You could be doing just as well as you normally are (or even better!) but if many other models on the site are also doing better too, it could cause your score to drop. That said, camscore can be...
  3. Sansa

    Banned again ??

    Is there a way for you to cam without him being in the room with you? Or at least not talking out loud, never appearing in the background? MFC otherwise sounds like it would be really great for you. Really hope you can find something that works for you.
  4. Sansa

    Question From A Poor Camgirl!

    It's better to not let them know that you need money. That kind of thing tends to attract the bad sort of members who specifically target new models, knowing that they'll have an easier time scamming or pressuring new girls into doing what they don't want to do. Some models can pull of the...
  5. Sansa

    Copyright violations and ignored email

    I checked it out earlier, it was a very obvious video loop, I saw the feed from OP's link when it was still running, and it was one of the worst (as in most obvious) recordings I've seen in a while. For at least five minutes it was the same 10-15 second loop. Scams like this ruin the...
  6. Sansa

    Camming after surgery, I need some help Please

    I have not personally dealt with this, but the partially clothed look is very popular and some even find it sexier than full nudity because of the tease aspect of it. You could do things like wear a skirt with nothing underneath for instance, many love that look!
  7. Sansa

    Computers and computer specs.

    Your first post in this thread, you attempt to give advice, but you are not a model, so why are you doing this? On Streamate, some models have been told by support that an i5 processor isn't enough, so if someone came along and found this thread looking for information because they are...
  8. Sansa

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    I only speak English and actually do well by mostly typing! I lose my voice easily if I talk too much out loud. Usually work hours wind up being best for doing well with mostly typing since some actually visit SM while they're at work and prefer models to type. Around 8 AM to noon EST...
  9. Sansa

    E-whore and Cam Models

    Okay this is what I was mostly familiar with e-whoring being, just wasn't sure if there was a smaller and lesser known site called e-whorer or something. It sounds like you had semi-better intentions because you'd actually partnered with someone else and she was at least making something off...
  10. Sansa

    E-whore and Cam Models

    I've never heard of e-whorers before. What was it exactly? And is the "cam models" you're referring to Streamate's affiliate program or just cam models in general?
  11. Sansa

    Cam customer question about private sessions

    As someone who could do this physically (actually I think this sounds fun!) I would never in a million years do this in a home or on cam. Even with being as light as I am, that would be more than enough to rip a fan out of a ceiling, I can assure you that no private, even one with a $1000 tip...
  12. Sansa

    How should I address a respected model in popular pages? Hello.

    A lot of the models on here are really helpful, hopefully you can find more of that here. Not sure if most of the models at the top are using something different, but the vast majority of models use the Logitech c920 camera. Lighting makes a huge difference though so it's more than just the...
  13. Sansa

    How do you handle "daddy/daughter" fetish?

    It's up to you if you want to add it to your bio or not, but if anything in a bio could come up in a search, it could actually lead to more inquiries on a particular fetish. Like even if you say, I dunno, "not submissive" if someone does a search for submissive, some sites will have you show...
  14. Sansa


    I don't think his posts are offensive, just maybe a misunderstanding going on? There are some fetishes or things some members are into that not everyone is going to understand. On MFC, I had a lot of members who would tip and then ask to be banned from the room so that they couldn't see the...
  15. Sansa

    How do you handle "daddy/daughter" fetish?

    Technically that fetish is against TOS on most sites. I don't offer anything even remotely like that, but I've found that stating that it's against TOS usually gets that member to either scoot or ask for something else. Most won't push after using TOS as your reason for not doing it. If...
  16. Sansa

    showing face on cam

    Not showing your face on cam can be surprisingly lucrative. There's definitely some out there who like the mystery. Some other posts in here and other threads have mentioned that it's near impossible to succeed without showing your face, but I've found that to not be true. If I have my face...
  17. Sansa

    AdultWork support extremely rude

    With MFC and the Phillipines, iirc, it was because there was a massive amount of falsified documents for models who were actually underage, so that's a whole different issue and I think it's absolutely appropriate that MFC took that level of action. As for SM taking and extra 5%, I really...
  18. Sansa

    Mfc and Chaturbate

    I don't think it does. Some genuinely just like chatting with the model and contributing tokens, but not necessarily towards a countdown or show. Especially in rooms with a higher view count, actually not even that high, for every tipper, you suddenly get 5-10 people at least who never...
  19. Sansa

    Third Party Website Posting All Public Shows?

    There's this thread where a member mentions that SM uploaded and posted an exclusive show he paid for on another site. Makes it pretty clear that it was SM doing so in this case and not an...
  20. Sansa

    Third Party Website Posting All Public Shows?

    I forgot to mention that if you use a geoblock on SM, they're not supposed to advertise you on white labels or upload shows elsewhere since that counts as being in "promotional" material. I've yet to see any of mine uploaded, but then again, I only do non-nude femdom so they probably think my...