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    Is leaking a camgirl considered Revenge porn?

    Thank you for all the replies! Just letting everyone know that this isn’t happening to me! It’s just that I’ve gotten into it online with old classmates in the past and I wanted to know what to if they knew and decided to bring it up or post me.
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    Is leaking a camgirl considered Revenge porn?

    Hi! My entire family is aware and very supportive and I was very open about my camming life. Some people in my old hometown knew and I didn’t care what anyone says behind my back but i only wanted to know if I could press charges or take some kind of legal against against them instead of...
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    Is leaking a camgirl considered Revenge porn?

    If someone I know personally in real life that knows of my camming were to post my cam girl name and screen caps exposing me on their Facebook could I take legal action for them doing that? I understand that camming is like leaking yourself to the internet lol but on myfreecams we have a choice...
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    Mas_papi is he worth reporting?

    For about a month, a Member by the name of "mas_papi" on myfreecams has been messaging me and sending me mail DAILY. he says that all he wants is a relationship with a cam model and that he wants to buy me a domi(lovense toy) and control it. i have told him NUMEROUS times that i do not use...
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    Best sites to cam on?

    Ive been on myfreecams since 2016 and have been curious about other sites like livejasmin and chaturbate and streamate. Are they better then myfreecams or or they not as good?
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    Life after webcamming

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    Life after webcamming

    I started camming when I was 18 years old. I cam soley just to have extra money. I had no intention of making it my main career and Income. I have no intention of becoming a well known model. Which I’m not thankfully. I’m 20 now. I don’t have a fan base or social media. I only have up to 10...
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    Creepy member still being able to see my room

    Last night A premium member started begging in my room. So I banned him. He pmd me and cursed me out etc but then things got weird when he said he can still see me. And he actually could! Because later on someone tipped for a flash and I flashed and he then pmd me this: I’ve literally tried...
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    Didn’t file taxes last year

    Last year I got a 1099 form. I was 18 At the time I had no idea what they were. And I didn’t even know that I had to pay taxes back then. So I threw it out. I still have the form on my account thankfully but this year After learning that I may have to pay when I get a 1099 form I used turbo tax...
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    Butthurt Members trying to ruin my rep?

    I’ve been camming since 2016 and around the middle of 2017 I’ve been seeing certain members that I’ve banned for being rude spread lies about me calling me fake and a scammer. They have no proof but are still going out of they’re way to slander my name and I’m not sure what to do. Has anyone...