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    Live Jasmin Free Private

    Anyone know anything about this? It says "start free private" on my friends LJ page. When I asked her about it she just replied with "?" She is really busy right now, understand, but she doesn't seem to know anything. It is VERY unlike her to do any nude show for free. I tried making an...
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    Should I tell her?

    Just watched a video of my favorite model friend on Camwhores TV. I know it is a private show because she never does nude in public chat. She also doesn't let people record unless they pay extra tokens. She would only grant this to someone she knows, so this private show was either recorded...
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    Could I have some clarification on this?

    So, my favorite model returned after a two-week holiday. We had a great conversation until she said one thing. She said she was overcharging some customers. She charges 8 tk a minute on SC. I think that is the lowest rate. I said, NO, you undercharge. (Once again, I know, I know, not my...
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    Are some studios hiding, or even lying, about where their models are from?

    I am good friends with a model who works in a studio. As per her contract, she broadcasts on 5 sites simultaneously. All 5 sites say she is in a certain Baltic country. (I follow her on SC.) After chatting with her for a few months, I began to realize she didn't even speak the language of the...
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    Hi. I just need to share something. I had to stop drinking. I have been sober for a month. It was a cam model that helped me through this painful time. Every night in PM she talked to me, and virtually held my hand. Despite working for7 hours in a studio, 4 days a week, on 5 sites, she took the...
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    DMCA question.

    I am friends with a model who only goes nude in Private Shows. All her public streaming on all her channels is non-nude. She is also very active in pursuing DMCA violations. Out of curiosity, I googled this: "Model name Nude". Images. Boom! Up come several nude thumbnails of her, that I know...
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    "Invisible" mode

    I recently purchased an Ultimate Membership in SC. One of the reasons I did this was for the ability to browse rooms as "Invisible". Yesterday I went into a room, and the model immediately typed "Welcome friends, both visible and invisible!" Can a model tell if there is an "invisible" user in...