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    Reasons for visiting cam models

    yeah....i've spent more on cam models than on all dates I have been on combined
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    MFC vs. CB

    This is a great example of a good MFC room. I almost think of it as a neighborhood bar. I come in expecting some good conversation and a fun place to hang out, the sexy stuff is almost like a side dish. On CB the sexy stuff is more of the main dish. Its good if that is what I am looking for, but...
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    Abrupt drop in viewers???

    I think its funny, I've been around MFC for 4ish years and for just as long models have been complaining about declining viewers
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    Is Chaturbate in a State of Decline?

    Wow, I read the first few posts of this thread and had an idea to post the fact that I have been to every AVN convention from 2015-2018, and plan to go next year, and that MFC has had an exponentially larger presence each year as evidence that MFC is not hurting financially...but damn, this...
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    Overspending members and camgirl ethics.

    I keep typing responses then deleting them, so all I'm going to say on this thread for now is I appreciate everyone who has shared opinions. They have been insightful.
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    Camming to be featured in Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On

    Also, I dont think a lot of members know just how much some of the top tippers tip some of the higher ranked models. Even if I am known as a top tipper in a room, I dont necessarily want people to know exactly how much I have tipped.
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    Camming to be featured in Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On

    I will admit to having tipped more tokens than is probably responsible, the majority of which were not visible to the chat room (offline, private, whatever). Its just something I would not necessarily want to be publicly tied to my user name.
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    1.2 million token tip

    I had an armpit fetish before it was cool....
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    Camming to be featured in Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On

    I read through this entire thread and was honestly surprised this didnt get mentioned at all. This is a case of actual private information (number of tokens tipped, generally only known to the model and maybe the member if he keeps good records) tied to user names. I wasn't on this list, but did...
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    Camming to be featured in Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On

    What are people'e thoughts on them showing Bailey Rayne's high tipper list with the number of tokens tipped? I for one as a member would not have been comfortable with that.
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    clients turned friends

    This does run both directions. There are models who I have gotten close to who require a lot of emotional labor on my part and if they ever got mad at me for not tipping I would probably just disappear. I have the most fun, and tip the most, in rooms where the model realizes this is fantasy. I...
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    Organizing all the lovelies on MFC

    I cant keep up with more than about 2 favorite models at a time
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    I'm going to say what's on my mind.

    It would be easier to enjoy it and not sweat it if an hour after spending money on tokens I didnt see a model complaining on twitter about not making enough tokens. Even if the tokens I tipped didnt get her to her goal, it still makes me feel like my tokens were worthless if all she does is...
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    I'm going to say what's on my mind.

    yup. I think a lot of models would be good to remember that the only side most members see of you is what you put out there for us to see.
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    I'm going to say what's on my mind.

    I understand and completely agree with this...just understand that if you take to social media to vent about people not tipping it also affects people who already like you. You can say to not take it personally, but if i have spent XXX.XX$ on tokens in a day, then an hour later I see you...
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    I'm going to say what's on my mind.

    I was typing out a long reply but couldnt make it sound not spiteful so I will just summarize....models, yes, there will always be freeloaders in your room, it is a function of being on MFC. The people who tip you are more important than the freeloaders, pay attention to them and ignore the...
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    Why MFC has become boring in my opinion

    I'm talking more about the chronic never tippers. I have been in a room where a member said that he liked coming in there because other models ignore him because he doesn't tip. I will stop tipping if a member says something like that. It's one thing to be a lurking freeloader, it another thing...
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    Why MFC has become boring in my opinion

    I guess I have experienced too many models who expect to be tipped just because they log in. The problem is there are a lot of models who will talk to members who arent tipping therefore it diminishes the value of providing just conversation.
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    Why MFC has become boring in my opinion

    The problem is that flash, dance, hula hoop, etc have become so common that the value of them has become almost worthless because there are so many models who will do them for next to nothing. The model I was talking about was playing guitar and singing songs, and being funny while doing it. Not...
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    Why MFC has become boring in my opinion

    But there are too many models online at any given time who are providing entertaining conversation. I anon tipped a model 1000 tokens last night to a model because she was doing something that made me smile and there was nothing sexual about it...she was fully clothed. She was just being...