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    what do i owe her?

    I posted a version of this thread a while ago but deleted it, but i know at least a few read it. When I first joined MFC a few years ago i wasnt in the best place mentally. I met a model who I really clicked with and became close with. I have tipped her a lot over the time we have known each...
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    I dont really have any purpose for this thread other than curiosity, but models, i'm curious about points. What percent of members in you room have hidden points? what would be the most common point total range you see? How often do you see random guys with relatively high (50k+ for instance)...
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    2nd or 3rd favorite girl?

    A question for the models here. If you have a guy who comes into your room regularly and talks, contributes, etc, but you know if there are certain other models online he will be there instead of in your room, how do you feel about that?
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    talkers not tippers

    I know most rooms have the crew of users who talk all the time, but rarely if ever tip. These users will applaud other tippers and be happy when counts are complete, but still wont contribute. I'm interested to get the opinion of both models and users on this subject. What do you think of these...
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    Leaving an MFC model's room

    I've been on MFC for a little less than a year. I used to bounce around several rooms and was a fairly high tipper in a couple rooms, but recently have been almost exclusive to one model. Now when i'm online and not in these model's rooms they will PM me just chatting but its kind of clear they...