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  1. Omne35


    I just ran across a model on SC charging $25/min for exclusive. She's doing well so great. It made me curious though, what's the highest per minute rate you've seen a model charge? Just wondering if there's an upper limit.
  2. Omne35


    I've noticed a few models that I wanted to spend some time with but the color adjustments on their cameras seemed way off. All of them were heavily yellow tinted. One was off so far that she had yellow blotches on her chest. Is it appropriate to mention it privately to them? I've already...
  3. Omne35

    Review comments

    I may just have missed it but how do we pull up private show comments? I see the star ratings but not the text.
  4. Omne35

    Fastest way to run up a private

    I was in an exclusive on SC last night and it was going well. It wasn't c2c. I have 2 rescue cats that I adopted, brothers. Anyway they decided they would have their biannual "let's kill each other" playtime while I was on. They're both the same size so it can go on a while and they can actually...
  5. Omne35

    Search suggestion

    Hi I noticed that if I search a special category like American or by name it will show offline models as well. Is there anyway to include offline models for category searches such as blonde, body types etc.? There are models I would be very interested in but may only run across them by chance...
  6. Omne35

    VR question

    I am using a Quest 2 to access the VR rooms. The question I have is whether there's any way to access the account settings and site settings from VR or do I have to exit VR entirely?
  7. Omne35

    What's with the tongues?

    Just curious but I've noticed a lot of model pictures on Streamate and some other sites have tongues sticking out with goofy faces, crossed eyes etc. Any meaning or is it just trendy/fun?
  8. Omne35

    Viewing modes

    I just started using Stripchat and was wondering if there was a preview mode similar to MFC or is there just the one static image on the main screen?
  9. Omne35

    Length of private shows

    I've seen references and some complaints about very short shows, 5 minutes or less. I'm curious as to what the average length of private/exclusive shows are for you and what you consider an acceptable length to be. How long before you no longer consider it as short? What's a good length for you?