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  1. Danigirl

    Camming with family members or relations - would like an honest CB response please

    You're asking it on a forum. The whole point of a forum is other's ideas and views. If you wanted just chaturbate's you could have sent a PM. Not that they give any helpful or concrete answers here anymore.
  2. Danigirl

    Camming with family members or relations - would like an honest CB response please

    There are plenty of other spaces to chill with family on a live feed. An ADULT PORN site ain't it. Just because others haven't been banned yet doesn't make it ethically or morally correct. If you don't understand how dudes with dicks in hand aren't going to twist what you're "innocently"...
  3. Danigirl

    Model Advocacy

    Not really false sugar. You both joined the same day. We can see your join date and your comments. Maybe you confused what I said and thought I said that you joined and posted this thread the same day instead of both you and the other model joining the forum same day even though the other model...
  4. Danigirl

    Model Advocacy

    Sites aren't equipped to provide psychological support hence why they are sponsors of pineapple support. It's also extremely hard with jurisdiction for a site to handle police. Wouldn't it be up to the model or even a studio to contact authorities and then the site could assist with recordings...
  5. Danigirl

    Members expecting meets? :O

    Because dudes think just because we do some form of sex work we must be fine with doing full service sex work. No hunny. Sex work is a giant umbrella encompassing a ton of different types. I don't do anything illegal or that would compromise my safety or my custody of my family OR get me banned...
  6. Danigirl

    Is it a scam?

    Desperate people do desperate things. She's desperate for money, you're desperate for a relationship. She's targeting your desperation to fulfill hers. It's a scam.
  7. Danigirl


    Sounds like a penis pump 🤣
  8. Danigirl

    Banned for for underage kid stuff but I didn’t know 😔 was just trying to satisfy a fan sigh

    Cool. Your username is based on illegal activities. That bodes well for your complaint. So instead of being a dick and trying to shut down an entire site that hosts thousands of legit models like myself, why don't you try @Charlie_SC who is a very responsive rep here. But maybe try it in the...
  9. Danigirl

    Banned for for underage kid stuff but I didn’t know 😔 was just trying to satisfy a fan sigh

    Part of taking responsibility is accepting the consequences. You clearly aren't taking responsibility if you're trying to get an account back on a site. What you did was a major fuck up and were assisting a incestuous pedophile in his disgusting fantasies. It would be gross even if the niece was...
  10. Danigirl

    what do you use for cleaning toys? (gynecological problems)

    Fyi, cleaning toys is always necessary but vaginas sometimes need extra help. I use the boric acid/probiotics suppositories every so often and haven't had an issue since. Lifesaver if you do toy shows or work out in tight leggings all the time.
  11. Danigirl

    why don't camsites allow...

    I don't give a fuck if I kink shame. Most of those into fetishes had their first sexual encounter in a way that was harmful or improper. Like several dudes I know into pantyhose was because an older woman took advantage of them when they were underage and they specifically remember seeing the...
  12. Danigirl

    why don't camsites allow...

    Lol good riddance asshole. How am I attention seeking when responding to a post that wants something dangerous that I have extensive experience in? It's not being "triggered" to point out exactly why something is banned in the first place and the psychology behind why someone like you would want...
  13. Danigirl

    why don't camsites allow...

    As someone who had issues with ED especially bulimia, fuck off. The idea of someone getting off on a serious self harm act is revolting. Those with bulimia are already struggling with a ton of deep issues and don't need some prick who tells us to "just drink some Gatorade" so he can wank his...
  14. Danigirl

    Knives on CB

    Lol because it'll be after Christmas by the time your ridiculous support gets back with an equally unhelpful vague answer.
  15. Danigirl

    Things Models & Users do that you LIKE?

    Dude. You come off as an angry bridge troll who doesn't understand boundaries and lashes out at anyone who doesn't agree with every little thought in your head. You also come across as someone who preys on models who don't have strong boundaries or drive to protect their sensitive personal...
  16. Danigirl

    Largest tip on CB.

    I have someone close to a million tokens tipped but that's over the past year not single tip lol. I think I would pass out then risk it being forfeited haha.
  17. Danigirl

    Having a hard time getting creators to sign up

    Checked and your site isn't secure. No way anyone should give any info either legal docs to do verification or credit card. Your site is popping up as dangerous.
  18. Danigirl

    [POLL] What important feature are you currently missing that would improve your next stream?

    I was looking for a gif of buckcherry's "crazy bitch" (side note, won a pole dancing competition on that track haha) and found this one and it made me giggle so... Isn't it the best to get paid for letting your inner bitch free?? I freaking love it.
  19. Danigirl

    [POLL] What important feature are you currently missing that would improve your next stream?

    Imagine being so insecure that your ideas (either already in play for free or against TOS) are being rejected so you feel compelled to project your complete incompetency on the models you specifically asked for feedback. Sugar, many who responded to you make 6 figures. We know our biz. Clearly...