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    Any recourse for models that scam tips/ tokens

    Is there anything that can be done when you are tipping a performer but they do not do your request? Or beg you to go pvt to then do nothing? I've been had by a few girls lately on this and it's annoying as a user. 1- rooms were quiet CB rooms so it was not lost in the frenetic front page...
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    Non talking models

    Why do some models never chat at all? In public chat on CB. Even after tipping them they seem to sit there And do nothing? Seems counter intuitive to becoming successful on a site?
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    Cb new models going to pvt?

    Newer models seem to jump straight to pvt shows and then spend ages in them but if you spy they are doing nothing? 🤔 Are they learning the site or something?
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    European studio new girls

    Hi. Being a user on CB/ Stream mate I often find newer performers more friendly and less in your face. I like the girl next door feel. I was talking to a European girl who had took the job but didn't want to show anything at all on CB. She seemed to suggest that she would be quitting too. And...
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    Models not in the room

    So my question is, i am a user and quite often find i am 'blanked' by models. They are usually in a studio. When you check the users they are not present in the room? Guessing they use multiple sites at once. Do I report them or just let it be and find someone else?