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  1. Pretty_11

    Support emailed me about a refund I am worried

    Hi everyone, hi pinker_barbie, My ticket number is 20034164. I am so worried 😩 Below is a picture of what chaturbate supper sent me. A person tipped me 955 for cam to cam and then said he didn’t know how to make his cam work, then came back the next day and I asked what’s up with it and he said...
  2. Pretty_11

    Chaturbate- how long did it take for you to be able to quit your day job?

    How do I become more successful quicker? Do you suggest camming long hours? At about how many followers did you feel you started making $200 per day consistently? I will reach 20,000 followers tomorrow. Should I be promoting myself to the front page a lot or should I be keeping all of my...
  3. Pretty_11

    Did not receive direct deposit payment

    @punker barbie Username: pretty_pussy_xxx hi I am new to chaturbate and I cashed out tokens on July 13 and chaturbate said I would receive the money direct deposit on July 22 but there is still no sign of it and I called my bank but they said nothing is showing. Can you please help me I am new...