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    Is Chaturbate in a State of Decline?

    I want to respond to the original poster, I haven't read all the responses in between but much of it seems to have gone off-topic and follows the typical ACF stereotype of Eastern European models being exploited by unscrupulous studio bosses (one studio model just sent me a picture of her new...
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    What is going on with First Choice?

    Can I offer a few words of advice? Let it go, almost of the money is long gone and what's left is not worth the effort to recover (it is enough to pay lawyer fees and that is it), you may get a few pennies (or dimes) on the dollar. You don't have to do anything to recover and, in fact...
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    Doing a studio right

    I was trying make a couple of points and I must admit made a rather poor effort. First, studios are not some sort of evil sexual dungeon. They serve as a valuable resource for women from eastern Europe and Russia who wish to to become cam models. If anyone thinks otherwise, they are wrong...
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    Doing a studio right

    This forum doesn't appreciate (for lack of a better term) the role of studios in the cam industry. The general consensus here is that working for a studio is akin to modern slavery and models can always do better on their own, although nothing could be farther from the truth. I have to chuckle...
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    MFC Traffic, Google Updates, Ads

    I can’t speak to the google stuff but, as a regular customer of three cam sites (LJ, CB and MFC), the site performance and video quality gap between MFC and CB/LJ just keeps getting larger and larger. How many people continue to watch SDTV when HDTV is available? I have 80MB internet and a...