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    What is a model ban you feel bad about?

    I have only been banned from 3 model's pages on Streamate. Tera Patrick was one. I just went into her room and said I'm just stopping by for a quick moment to tell her I loved her scenes she did years ago. She said thanks. Then *BANNED* I thought "Weird way to treat one of her fans." Banned...
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    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    My name's Jason and I'm a camsite-oholic. Well, no, not really. I thought this is an interesting site to read threads, etc. Been looking through threads Google would return to me based on something that I have written a post (and at the time of this writing, waiting for approval.) I wasn't...
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    When is it over doing a GFE

    No offense but you're giving Grandpa Simpson a run for his money on telling stories that don't go anywhere. I highlighted sections of what was written to make sense of anything.
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    Yes, another "Am I falling for a cam model?" post.

    So, I seem to be another guy that's "falling for a cam girl." I've read the various threads on this topic I've found on Google. Such as is it possible that a camgirl can fall for a customer/client. It is but rarely happens. As for customer/client falling for a camgirl, it's obviously more common...