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    Receiving DMCA Counter Notice+Google DMCA Takedown

    Hello all, Since I haven't received much luck with receiving any response from CB to help me file the DMCA takedowns, I went to the next best option which was to do a Google search copyright removal/DMCA takedown, which is essentially just removing the websites I'm on from appearing in the...
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    (Hopefully last) questions I have about Chaturbate!!

    Hey all, Again, I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me answer my questions on this site. I've been a little less freaked out because of all the helpful information provided to me by you guys. Hopefully this will be my last time asking for help haha, but yeah I just have two more...
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    Cloudfare + DMCA Takedown Sample

    Hello again, I'm so thankful for everyone who responded to my last post, it definitely helped me a lot so thank you! So I'm currently in the process of trying to file DMCA takedowns for all of the websites I've found myself on and was wondering if it's safe to file a takedown through...
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    In need of urgent help (please!!)

    Hello all, I just joined this forum in hopes of searching for an answer. I know my situation is extremely common and have read a lot of the threads on here, but I just would like to see if there is any updated information or tips on this. I am a young college student modeling on Chaturbate...