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  1. Richyrichy

    Lagging on chaturbate. Really bad - last few days. Choppy lag.

    Anyone else suffering with really bad lagging as a viewer of CB (Not a streamer - but a viewer) For the last few days it's been impossible to watch chaturbate because all the rooms are slow. The dreaded spinning disc in the middle of the picture. And then suddenly the feed jumps ten or...
  2. Richyrichy

    Bonga annoying pop up ads

    Is there any way to switch off the BONGA adverts? Its annoying rather than troublesome. I get about 3 or 4 per night.. Is there a setting to disable pop up ads?? Its also a little bit insulting! I can see what the ad designer is doing. Telling me that "I want to be the best...
  3. Richyrichy

    Moderator : Bongacams. How do we set up a moderator in Bonga. Confused !

    So Emily and I are moving away from Chaturbate to Bonga. Bonga is much MUCH better for her. I have worked to promote Emily for a number of months. But we cant find out how to add the moderator thing in BONGA. Is there an "idiots guide" for us to follow. RR
  4. Richyrichy

    Richy Richy account banned. [Chaturbate] 18639607 - Re: Ban inquiry

    OK so it happened ! I am unsure why... But Richyrichy account is banned... Please we need support, thank you @punker barbie So like many who go before me.... I throw myself onto Punker Barbie [Chaturbate] 18639607 - Ban inquiry
  5. Richyrichy

    Gif Graveyard... Can Chaturbate clear it up ?

    You have all done it or seen it. The chat is fast-flowing and you want to throw a GIF into the mix to add to the debate. Suddenly the weirdest frozen image is in the middle of chat. Gif failure.... There one gif I hate. WOW I had a non-nude cammer called Lilya tell me that she was...
  6. Richyrichy

    Free Love? - A friends account banned - is she being scammed ?

    I am trying to help a cam-model who had a ban. She is only 18 and a bit naive and got caught in what she describes as a scam. Read her story below and let me know your thoughts. Here is my view of her back-story : She set up a solo account and started to stream. Then got an account ban...