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  1. ImRickJames

    Message threads have disappeared

    Yes, I am getting the same error message for Russian models. I don't think there's been any official communication from Streamate about this. Does anybody have more detail?
  2. ImRickJames

    What's your chill out game?

    Battlefield 2. It's so fast-paced. You can just login, kill some shit, then log out. I love it cause it's not one of those games that requires a huge time investment to get that soothing mental therapy.
  3. ImRickJames

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    Thanks for the answers. Does this still apply if I simply login with the cammodels link but did not actually register my account with it? For example, let's say I registered through regular streamate, then I login with her cammodels link and spend money on her. Then later I login through regular...
  4. ImRickJames

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    Hi all, What information about the customers can the models see? I heard they are only able to see the customer's purchase history with themselves and whether they've been in private or spent money on them, but not able to see if you spent money on or visited other models. For example, can a...
  5. ImRickJames

    What is your top 5 favorite videogames of all time?

    Hardcore gamer here. It's literally impossible for me to choose a top 5 of all time - I can't compare old school games with more recent titles so I'll do top 5 old school and top 5 newer games. Old school: 1) Age of empires 1 2) Command and Conquer: Generals 3) Chrono Trigger 4) Civilization...
  6. ImRickJames

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    I have noticed this too. It seems every other camsite has online notifications by email but not Streamate. No way I'd give them my phone number to receive text messages when models are online lol
  7. ImRickJames

    What is a model ban you feel bad about?

    I've been banned from a couple of girls' rooms on Streamate for lurking a bit too long without tipping or saying much. I'd say I learned my lesson and don't do that anymore but they were overly "trigger happy" with the ban button, as I felt a kick woulda been more justified. It'd be nice if...
  8. ImRickJames

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hi Rick James here :D Not a model, just a customer/member of camsites. I am super happy to join this community. The reason I joined is to discuss topics regarding camming, as I have a lot of insights and questions. It's hard to do that with real life people so I'm glad this community exists...