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  1. ava1992

    No tip sound but sound in my room works.

    Hey everybody! So I turned up the tip volume all the way in the room settings, and my computer's volume is all the way up. But I can't hear the tip sound when people tip. I have checked to make sure my webcam's sound is on as well. It worries me that people aren't able to hear my stream, plus I...
  2. ava1992

    Returning to camming after a hiatus: my story

    Has anybody else gone back to camming after a long hiatus? I deleted my account at the end of January and decided to go back to it starting today. I was going to go back to camming in May but got "cold feet" about it. I wanted to create a thread to share my process of going back and my...
  3. ava1992

    Text or images in "About me"?

    Hi! :) I hope everybody is well & that this is the correct place to ask. I am re-doing my "about me/bio" section on my page. Not sure whether to keep it as text or make that text into "info-graphics". Would "info-graphics" annoy potential viewers or would they mostly like it? Obviously...
  4. ava1992

    Would viewers still tip a model with a low satisfaction score? How to improve?

    Hi everybody! Just asking this because my satisfaction score is sliding down really fast. My "thumbs up" are disappearing and I am getting more "thumbs down." I really don't know why, and I'm trying to figure it out. I take constructive criticism well and am very open to feedback! The thumbs...
  5. ava1992

    Best way to ask for tip for PM without being rude?

    Hi everyone! :) Hope your day is going well. I apologise if there are any duplicate threads about this topic. Also, I apologise if this is in the wrong section. I tried to put it in the category I thought was best. Note: If this is something I need to wait to post about until I'm approved for...