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  1. KylieJacobs

    Dennis Hof, Nevada Brothel Owner, Dies At 72

    Oh my gosh.. Brothel owner, Dennis Hof, passed away. I just saw this on yahoo.
  2. KylieJacobs

    Balloon Fetish: Looners

    I thought we needed a thread dedicated to the Balloon Fetish. ;) Are you a looner? Do you have a balloon fetish? If so, what turns you on most about balloons? Do you like popping them? Watch other people pop them? Prefer to play with them and give them love rather than pop them? Are you into...
  3. KylieJacobs

    Favorite Things: I Love It When a Cam Girl....

    I think we need more positive threads, so I thought this would be a good one. ;) Plus, I think it could be beneficial to both new and experienced cam girls. Finish the sentence: I love it when a cam girl ______________________ . Maybe it's something cute, sweet, sexy, funny, or completely...
  4. KylieJacobs

    Members, How many cam girls do you watch on a regular basis?

    Members, if I could ask... How many cam girl's rooms do you typically visit on a regular basis? Do you visit several rooms regularly depending on your mood (or whatever)? Are you loyal to only one cam girl? I understand if you don't want to comment below, but if you could answer the poll...