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  1. camstory

    Baby It’s Cold Outside!

    The demonization of truth, (The ostrazication of a musical standard of its era). I think this might already be a thread here, but a lazy, quick scan revealed nothing. Baby it’s cold outside, I first heard about 15 years ago, done by James Taylor and Natalie Cole. I thought it was beautiful...
  2. camstory

    Smart people sometimes do stupid things

    I could be the poster child for smart ppl doing stupid shit, so I think I know how Kathy Griffin is feeling right about now. At the same time, I am aware that I can not understand truly what she is going through. Not all of us have made mistakes of a career destroying magnitude, but I have and...
  3. camstory

    Manchester Arena Bombing - To Bee, or Not?

    I had planed to get a small Manchester Bee tattooed on my throat today, but the artiest I had in mind is away. Thread title is a bit misleading, there is really no question in my mind about owning this ink, if not today, then when my buddy is back. But, I have thought a little about how I might...
  4. camstory

    Who tells it best?

    Three years ago if I had met a young adult female who I discovered had an interest in cramming, but knew nothing about it, I would have pulled on my CamStory suit and held class there and then. Now I'm wiser. Wiser to know that I don't know it all, and to know that when I have my CamStory suit...
  5. camstory

    Trolls (Sexual harassment, and how you respond)

    I belong to a gaming site, and have become a close friend with a lady there who I feel has made a bad choice in how she wants to handle the sexual harassment of her 19 year old daughter, also a user at the gaming site. The trolling took place in a chat room. Users have the option to iggy any...
  6. camstory


    Ever have anyone take your shit, and then try to give it back to you, but only if you will take it, and they get to keep all the good shit. An Israeli official said Netanyahu complained to Kerry about alleged Palestinian incitement and said any confidence-building gestures for the Palestinians...
  7. camstory

    Time to Fly Again!

    Flying, Flying a sign, Hanging corrugated, Doing/Working the cardboard billboard, Paper panhandling, Vehicular panhandling, Hiking the island, Hobo Island hopping, Island dancing, Spanging, Off ramping, Tramp ramping, Tramp busking, Tramp glad handin', Working the light, Standing in the off ramp...
  8. camstory

    Why do we always wait to play catch up?

    In today's news: U.S. rules are about to radically change for operators of unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones: People will have to register them, federal officials said. The Department of Transportation took the first step Monday, by announcing formation of a task force to create a...
  9. camstory

    Carbon Fiber, Anyone?

    OK, so, I have been planing to bicycle cross country for about 5 years, but got serious about it 2 years ago. Originally I had planed to gather interviews with Cam Models & Members/Users along the way. The theme was vaguely going to be Camming, though at the time I had some grandiose ideas of...
  10. camstory

    Good Camming Article IMhO

    I just found this, or actually my GF just found this and sent it to me. It might have already surfaced here, in which case, don't reply, reply and point me to the thread, or reply with an appropriate comment like, "You jackass, stop being so lazy and search next time, there's already a thread...
  11. camstory


    I wonder how many of these guys was also a member of the NRA? ... ge-hero1-2
  12. camstory

    Zimmerman back in the mix ... ge-hero1-2
  13. camstory

    For those with an open mind

    If you are like me and have an open mind and aren't bias, maybe you should have a look at this.
  14. camstory

    You know what would be so cool?

    If Model accounts here had an added indicator like the green online badge that automatically indicated when they were on-line @MFC. I have recently missed Magnolia_Snow, a Model I would really like to visit twice by just minutes, but it happens all the time. It prolly is not doable without...
  15. camstory

    Sometimes I Feel Very Dense!

    I need to learn how to think again. Many years of running on auto pilot while drugged up has left me with the bad habit of focusing on only my emotional responses, and sometimes overlooking the point, or responding inappropriately. Three recent examples are, 1...
  16. camstory

    mSpy (Funny, it's not a joke)

    Researching software that I can install to a hidden phone on my bike so I can track it if it gets stolen, I came across this YouTube video for mSpy. Many of these products/apps are being used in ways that are unethical, and also illegal. Most of the companies pushing these tracking apps make an...
  17. camstory

    'Snowstorm in the Jungle' / The Cousteau Society

    This is a very interesting Cousteau documentary. If you have never seen it before, and have any interest in the history of Indian ppl's of South/Central America, it's worth the time. But, what really blew me away was the last few minutes starting about the 45:10 mark. I was not blown away by...
  18. camstory

    Merry Christmas ACF and Friends

    It was to be a grandiose camstory video with an operatic dominatrix pivoting on one foot while a fat bearded man in drag turned large slow circles around her at the end of a leash on a bike that flashed alternatively ACF and the names of forum members in christmas lights as she cracked a whip...
  19. camstory

    "Chimpout" (Hate forum, shocking & upsetting)

    I recently happened on to a thread at a forum called Chimpout. Reading the posters comments, I quickly realized all were sharing their racial bias, a hate for anyone black. The use of "Hate" has become so trendy I was hesitant to use it for fear it might...
  20. camstory

    MFC Logging Problem

    Tried to log in to MFC about 15 minutes ago and MFC homepage stalled at "Logged in" "Seeing who's online" I tried closing tab, and then browser and still the same. Then tried from phone and got the same results. Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble? Went to get a screen cap and it's...