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  1. _prettykitten_

    Help please , support does not answer me

    Hi @punker barbie help me please I have issues , and support doesn’t answer to me , help me please 🥺 My ticket number 17918320 Name _prettykitten_ Help me please because I don’t know what to do ❤️
  2. _prettykitten_

    Cb ban me ! Help me please 😩

    @punker barbie Can u help me please 🥺Cb told me that I worked with fraudsters using stolen cards ... can they explain to me what I am guilty of, if I don't even know who tipped me ... how can I protect myself from tips from stolen bank cards and can we check all things and fix that , explain...
  3. _prettykitten_

    Cb banned my account and blame me that I work with stolen card ... I’m just did my shows ...

    What kind of stolen cards and fraudulent activities are in question, I kept doing my shows and nothing more ... how in general can models know whether the cards are stolen or not? I just sit in shock and cry models can protect themselves and be sure that everything will be fine after the...
  4. _prettykitten_

    Chaturbate account banned

    hi @punker barbie please help my chaturbate account banned since Friday i've try to send an email to support@chaturbate but havent got any response from customer service specialists yet. my account is _pretty kitten_ , request number 17875064 and 17873817. my account banned and my tokens...
  5. _prettykitten_

    Help me !My cb account was banned , support don’t answer

    Hi @punker barbie Number of request : 17875064 My cb name : _prettykitten_ Can u help me I wake up today and as usually go to my page to check if tokens come to studio account. And I saw at my account “access denied . This room was banned” I was in shock . That was pretty new account and I try...