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  1. lovemir

    Suspicious bloks of the model's accounts

    Yes, in fact, there are more and more blockages for this reason, and they started abruptly in June. As the manager of a small LGBT webcam community, a lot of Russian models who have been left without earnings turn to me and ask for help. Therefore, I am looking for any opportunities to get a...
  2. lovemir

    Account banned @punker barbie

    Eh, and I wanted to advise my guys with a similar blocking to release the beard. But thanks to you, I understand that it does not even help :( In recent weeks, such bans have become a lot. In my studio, three were already blocked and we cannot achieve a non-robotic response several weeks. I...
  3. lovemir

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hello everyone! :) I am Miro, the studio owner in Russia and the administrator of a small local LGBT webcam community. We work mainly on Chaturbate. Recently strange things began to occur there, so I wanted to join the forum where I can find professional contacts and exchange of experience...
  4. lovemir

    Issue with studio accounts to reset daily token counter

    I noticed that tokens can linger on studio accounts if a fraud check is carried out against these tokens. Then they can be debited not at midnight, but after a long time, or they will be blocked altogether if it turns out that the tokens were purchased from stolen cards (which the model most...
  5. lovemir

    Suspicious bloks of the model's accounts

    Hello @punker barbie In June, three subaccounts of my studio's models were blocked due to "substantial number of complaints from Chaturbate users who believe that they look too young to be on the site", which looks like a planned assault of the unscrupulous users, because none of the...