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  1. blayze_noir

    Ephemeral Magic of the New Tag

    An observation: I've read a bunch about how people are disappointed that they don't get the kind of views and tips that people with the "new" tag are getting. As great a help the new tag can be, it's kinda fleeting. I discovered a couple new models in the past month, each within a day or two of...
  2. blayze_noir

    Story Behind Your Screen Name?

    There are some interesting screen names out there. How did you come up with yours? Is there a story or special meaning behind it? Maybe just a marketing trick? When I got into camming a couple models suggested I use "cock" or "dick" in my screen name. I thought I would go with something more...
  3. blayze_noir

    Observations About It Being "Slow"

    This post isn't meant to discourage anyone, purely just my observations and thoughts. I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks. I've been thinking a lot about all the "why is it so slow" and "where are all the tippers" threads (including my own) lately and all the advice people are giving -...
  4. blayze_noir

    End of WFH and Back to Work Affecting Earnings?

    I've been reading a bunch about models making much less now than during the previous year. As a male performer I expected to make significantly less than my female counterparts, but I did not expect to go days even weeks without a single tip. I'm also hearing in conversation with my female model...
  5. blayze_noir

    Does Reporting Spam/Rude Have Any Results

    Does the "Report this message" feature on CB actually work? I use it to report spam and rude users in my room and when I am in other rooms. It would be nice to know if these reports are followed up on. I was visiting with a model earlier and several trolls were hassling her and ruining the...
  6. blayze_noir

    Visiting Other Model Rooms - Rules and Etiquette?

    I read a couple threads about blocking other models in your room, especially if they are the same sex to minimize poaching. But, I've also been told that models visiting models is a good way to get your numbers/rank up and get noticed. Especially on Chaturbate. A couple models I've become...