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  1. Jenna K

    Beginner's questions- please help a girl out!

    Better quality, more options.
  2. Jenna K

    Depressive period

    I had this problem this last week... I don't know... Maybe making money puts me in a good mood? I try not to think it what makes me depressive, its hard I know, but it helps me a lot too to express what makes me feel in that way in a personal blog
  3. Jenna K

    Whatcha been playing?

    Download that game, you will not regret :D
  4. Jenna K

    Whatcha been playing?

    Still Playing Genshin Impact, I want to do some cosplays of the characters!! *w*
  5. Jenna K

    Seeking Partners

  6. Jenna K

    shadowban on cb

    Ty @punker barbie ID: bowsette_koopa
  7. Jenna K

    shadowban on cb

    This week was terrible for me, yesterday and monday I only earned 50 tokens... yes 50 TOKENS!!. And have a low audience. I started this month with good tips, but since last week numbers are going down. Some times I think CB baned you somehow :/
  8. Jenna K

    International student in UK wants to be a cam girl secretly

    She can try to be a "no face" model.
  9. Jenna K

    Whatcha been playing?

    I just got the platinum of Death Stranding, it's a weird game, I don't like it, I don't know what Hideo Kojima was thinking when mades this game, the story line its so bizarre and the gameplay a little bored over the time, it's like you're playing a uber foods and FedEx simulator. I will start...
  10. Jenna K

    How does it feel when a member asks: "How much for ......(this and that)"

    If it is not something about p o o p or p e e, I can negotiate with the user. Last saturday a user wants me to use lovense without condom, I use it becuase I think is better for the toy to last longer the materials and its more "hygienic", especially when you do anal shows. But that user does...
  11. Jenna K

    thoughts dick rating 🍆🥇

    It's disgusting for me, I really don't like to receive a dick pic, mostly when I don't get paid for it. If I get paid for at leats it's work. And I don't like to send a dick pic for rating, unless I get paid too.
  12. Jenna K

    Lovense, worth the investment?

    To be honest, I was frightened of that when it happened, it's like you have an orgasm after another, but at same time you have a strong need to p e e that you cannot control. My first tought it was that CB does no allow to p e e on public, and I was afraid of a ban or something, but I was lucky...
  13. Jenna K

    Lovense, worth the investment?

    Before that toy I did not believe on "male squirting", now I believe that a penis can squirt like a vagina when you have an orgasm.
  14. Jenna K

    Dealing with Burn-Out as a Cam-Model

    For sure you're going to make a good shape ass :D. Twerking it's a good glute exercise.
  15. Jenna K

    Dealing with Burn-Out as a Cam-Model

    OMG D: Only a few times I barely endure 4 hours and ending resting for 2 days D: , but I stayed so long because nights like that have a lot of tippers, that nights worth the effort. But when I'm for 2 hours and no tips, it's so frustrating and tired. x2 I still working in how to make...
  16. Jenna K

    Dealing with Burn-Out as a Cam-Model

    Yes and no, because it's money xD. But sometimes I get bored of some dudes than cause me anxiety, but they tips very well. In my situation it's only fatigue, but I think I cannot endure more than 5 hours daily, with 2 hours its so tired for me D:
  17. Jenna K

    Dealing with Burn-Out as a Cam-Model

    I don't understand what exactly means "burn-out", but guiding me on google translator... (sorry english it's not my main language) Well I have an schedule, I rest 2 or 3 days at week, sometimes it's very exhausting be on cam 2 or 3 hours every night, and more when you cum up to 3 times, I...
  18. Jenna K

    anyone else do this?

    10 years ago I can asure I had 2 personalities, both have the same name, but one personality was kind and gentle, he never could not hurt anyone, he cared for everyone and he tried to be more afecctive and he could not defend himself. And there is me, proud of myself, secure, cold, some times...
  19. Jenna K

    Models showing everything and leaving "nothing" to the imagination

    In CB if you don't get naked you don't get people on your room or tips. That's how it works, When I started I tried to make undress goals, but I got no people on my room and no tips. Models that have a high audience (5 k people in the room), they can do that, but models like me that 25 people...
  20. Jenna K

    What's your set up? Is the floor okay?

    Belive me or not, I do that when there is too much heat xD I took my macbook to a technician a few months ago and he put a thermal compound on the chipboard and everything goes better since then. Still need to put a fan behind the macbook, but no crashes since then. But I really need a new...