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  1. anabeauty37

    Account banned

    I really hope that you will get this fixed soon 🙏
  2. anabeauty37

    Camming with family members or relations - would like an honest CB response please

    I see i thought you are a guy... Anyway , you dont have any prove is just the story u think is real .. and yes me and Eva are looking very similar too, doesnt mean we are sisters, mother/daughter and we are not living togheter either . We are also not doing anything sexual togheter not becouse...
  3. anabeauty37

    Camming with family members or relations - would like an honest CB response please

    some guys calling us Eva /Ava too .. we are definetly not related but anyway how you can prove that they are? u know them from real life or you just think that they are mom and daughter?
  4. anabeauty37

    Camming with family members or relations - would like an honest CB response please

    Hope you are not talking about me and Eva! If yes, then only in ur dirty mind we are mom and daughter lol fking hell im not that old or crazy :haha:
  5. anabeauty37

    Streaming on multiple sites

    I am broadcasting right now on 3 free sites. Everyone can easy understand that im talking to people on a different site, i am always honest with my users, i say time to time that im not ignoring anyone but this is life , i answer to everyone talking to me no matter wich place he is .. This days...
  6. anabeauty37

    Exclusive private

    Just curious she was giving you full attention and focused on her show with you? or she she was reacting to those tips ?this damm toys creating us lots problems, this days i have problems with it, especially if people tipping lots of 1 tk fast, toy is getting kinda crazy. vibrating longgg...
  7. anabeauty37

    scammed again on chaturbate, need your opinion

    in my opinion you got the right to ask your money back but not the right to ask for the model to be banned . She might have her reasons she decided to not add you ,we dont know both sides of story, happenend to me once., a guy tipped to buy 2 videos then i found out( checking his nick name;)...
  8. anabeauty37

    scammed again on chaturbate, need your opinion

    She gaved him a number, right? :giggle: conected or not she gaved it,:) maybe she was planning to add him then she saw him pushing, u didnt add me ,. after work, again u didnt add me etc, i made a p[rint screen u gaved me wrong no,,and who knows what else stressed her .. , . she saw that wont...
  9. anabeauty37

    scammed again on chaturbate, need your opinion

    U dont understand why models are doing that? they do it for some extra tks not for you to fuck their brain on wassap... Sorry, but this is the reallity, ill never understand guys buying wassap.. what for? to send her dick pics or to fuck her brain ? Shes not really intrested in any of those...
  10. anabeauty37

    Myfreecams support

    thanks , seems like they fix it , but after lotsss mails and 13 days of strees., i sent again all the papers becouse different persons answering to mails and when u feel like u conected finilly with support another one answering like he never heared of your problem ... hope i wont need any...
  11. anabeauty37

    Myfreecams support

    Oh, i was happy to early ... here is my mfc support answer from 1 hour ago... Please go to your "Change Payment Info" page and you should be able to use that Paxum email address now. Thanks! now after an hour again mail from support guess is a different person answering.. Your request to change...
  12. anabeauty37

    Myfreecams support

    Ohh, im back! :haha: @AmberCutie seems like for sure someone from Myfreecams is watching your site, im all a big smile now, 30min after posting this i got a nicee mail from support that is all fixed ( after i lost half of my hair becouse of the stress ) :happy::giggle: Thanks so much for this...
  13. anabeauty37

    Myfreecams support

    Hi everyone, im looking for some help from anyone who got more experience with myfreecams then me, as i writed in another topic, i started to broadcast on myfreecams too for like 2 , 3 months i think, going well and i wanna keep it, but, for the first time in my life i deal with horrible...
  14. anabeauty37

    Changing Payment method

    Hi! @xChloe , @Charlie_SC , can you please help me to change my payment method? i was supposed to receve my payment today after i changed payment to paxum busness , but i didnt.. Thank you, please pm me when is posible, still waiting for support answer and first answer was a general one...
  15. anabeauty37

    Question for performers

    Hi ! not sure i understood good but i prefer big cam networks, i prefer free sites where i talk and guys listening., on messenger app , ill have to listen to any guy bulshit, and usuall if you keep talking and talking with them there is where all this unhealthy love stories starting. and all...
  16. anabeauty37

    Largest tip on CB.

    My largest single tips on chaturbate , 130000 tks and 169169 tks, was amazing, but is history, ive spent them already :facepalm:
  17. anabeauty37

    What would make camming easier?

    what would make camming easier... lots sugar daddies ?:p) every time i see a star falling from the sky i put this wish,,,, sugar daddy in my room , please??: :giggle:
  18. anabeauty37

    The truth in this industry?

    Hi! i can tell you from my experience and i also consider that i have a lot, maybe Derek is right, camming is not for you if isnt making you happy . I am happy and grateful for this oportunily in life , i always loved camming and i feel like i could never do something more fun in my life as a...
  19. anabeauty37

    Updated rules regarding public shows

    Finilly amazing news! Took you too long guys to understand isnt normal to let them broadcast outside . Ive sent to XCloe videos with girls masturbating in car and kids walking around, or in park and so on ... Also crazy to see all this years models driving naked and masturbating. Btw in...
  20. anabeauty37

    Issues connecting and staying connected to Stripchat with OBS & Web broadcast option

    Got the same problem, at least is working with splitcam...