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  1. Danigirl

    Id getting rejected

    @punker barbie can you please get the ID on showoffcouple86 approved. It's annoying AF that it's getting rejected when the pic is clear for both ID and holding it. This is the only site I ever have issues with.
  2. Danigirl

    Webmaster referral program payout

    So I use the chaturbate revshare referral program and I get paid out on the normal 20% etc but I haven’t received payout on the webmaster referral. I have about $20 so far this pay period and it’s not adding to my total and it didn’t last month either. Is there a minimum payout for that part...
  3. Danigirl

    Major lovense issue

    What the actual F. I split to 3 sites and stripchat has the lovense built into their broadcast and I use the app for the other 2 sites. It’s worked fine for months. Now whenever the app is open my toys won’t shut off. They constantly vibe and I can’t use both the app and stripchat now. This...
  4. Danigirl

    Help! EIN for stripchat

    Never got paperwork for stripchat income and filed with total amount I made but need EIN. Anyone have it handy they can message me? Thanks! Waiting to hear back from their support but have to file ASAP