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  1. _mika_

    Camscore question

    I know that camscore is based on tokens earned and time spent on cam over a 60-day period, but what happens to your camscore if you don't go online at all for over 60 days?
  2. _mika_

    Co-Model Release

    I shot some collabs recently and I've been looking for a co-model agreement form to fill out. The one from ManyVids seems to be written in a fair and understandable way (for the most part) and suits my needs (I got one from a different site as well, but it seemed like it was more for studios...
  3. _mika_

    Privates on Stripchat

    I haven't done many privates on Stripchat so far, so it might be a total coincidence they all looked like that, but I'm starting to strongly dislike them. I feel like members on SC click start private without reading what I do in private or talking to me about it way more often than on other...
  4. _mika_

    Camming without cable internet access

    I'm currently looking for an apartment to rent and one of the main reasons to move for me is to have better environment to cam. I finally found an almost perfect apartment, there's *only* one problem: there's no cable internet in the building. I'm not just talking fibre, ANY cable internet is...