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  1. AshRaindrop

    Fetish Type Stuff To Do | Amateurmodel help | Ideas

    A few things to try that are a bit more vanilla! hot candle wax body paint oil rubdown on legs and feet put hair in pigtails blow up balloons and pop high heels boots fishnets cute panties, lingerie cosplay dresses, skirts, shorts erotic storytime spitting choker, jewelry roleplay whipped...
  2. AshRaindrop

    Some Non-Sexual activities I do on cam~ if it helps you!

    So, I show a lot on cam but basically I'm very non-nude and known for my personality and girlnextdoor vibes. I like doing things that arent just flashing my ass and oiling my tits most of the time 😂 -blow bubbles -blow up balloons and POP -chew gum -do my makeup -ticket game 25tkns each...
  3. AshRaindrop

    A Few Of My Tip Menu Items and Prices 2020 | Amateur | MFC

    blow a kiss 3tkns smoke break 10tkns feet flash 15tkns meet my cat 10tkns pick a song 20tkns glasses 20tkns tit flash 20tkns ass flash 20tkns oiled tits 35tkns stand up 50tkns remove 1 clothing item 100tkns change outfit 100tkns snapchat 420tkns add to my tip menu 25tkns blow bubbles 25tkns...
  4. AshRaindrop

    Mfc being slow

    It's not just you girl, me too the past couple days.
  5. AshRaindrop

    Any tips on looking great on camera?! ~amateur model

    I get great feedback, my guys are great, they gas me up, etc...I'm just wondering if you have any tips to get more confident on cam or while making content? Tricks, angles, editing, a girl out 😂 I have an hd webcam, fast wifi, ringlight, etc.
  6. AshRaindrop

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    A bit about me: 24, aquarius, 5ft3in, 160lbs, artist, wildchild, radical. is my home and the first camsite I joined and still love. Started in june 2019 until now, only in 2020 have I started getting more serious. Camscore is like 1500. 800+ friends. MfcShare is my second home...
  7. AshRaindrop

    How much caffeine in a day?

    Honestly, upwards of 1,000mg+ and idk how my heart hasn't given out yet.
  8. AshRaindrop

    What Profile Photos do you enjoy seeing from a MEMBER?

    A cool or dorky avatar!