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  1. Nikadesdes

    I really need help

    please, someone can help me. my new chaturbate account was banned for nothing. I believe that in the photo without makeup I looked too young and as far as I know now all new documents are checked by bots. this is a mistake. After all, I'm an adult. I ask you to help me unblock my account, before...
  2. Nikadesdes

    account is banned please help

    please help me @punker barbie
  3. Nikadesdes

    account is banned please help

    I really ask you to help @punker barbie , I will no longer create new accounts, and please, you can delete all the accounts that I wrote about (likaabestgirl and alis_ta9), except for the nika_destiny account. Please unblock my nika_destiny account.
  4. Nikadesdes

    account is banned please help

    Hello @punker barbie let me explain my situation. I had an account on chaturbate under the nickname likaabestgirl. and everything was fine, I never violated the rules of the site. I recently decided to create a new account just because I wanted a different nickname. I created an account under...